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    Apple: The Education Connection loan is a non-certified loan - a very rare form of student loan these days. What that means is that Wells {CITY} will not require your school to verify your financial aid need - however, they will contact your school to verify your enrollment. Wells {CITY} only offers this loan to students at certain schools - you can see if your school is one of them by visiting here: A couple of things to keep in mind: 1. There is almost no chance that you will be approved to borrow from the program without a cosigner. You would need to be a student with an exceptionally high income and a well-established, very positive credit history. 2. A student loan is a really poor choice of financing for a car. Why? Well, primarily because of the loan term, and the interest that will accrue on this loan while you're paying it back. Let's assume that you borrow $12,000 from this particular lending program and put all of that money towards a car. We'll have to estimate your interest rate, because your rate will be variable, and because your rate will be determined by the credit history of you and your likely cosigner. Let's work with a nice conservative estimate of about 8.9%. When your loan payments begin, 6 months after you leave school, you will be making monthly payments of just $121.00, which seems like a great low monthly payment - except for the fact that you'll be making 180 of those payments. That's a total of $21,780 that you'll pay for your $12,000 car. Oh, and one more thing. Let's assume you're buying a 2006 car. You'll be finished with college in what - 4 years? That means you'll begin making your loan payments sometime in 2013 or maybe 2014. When you're finished paying off your 'car' loan it will be 2028, and your car will be 22 years old. I'm guessing it's pretty unlikely that you'll be driving that same car in 22 years, and I'm also guessing that there will be more than one car between this one and the one that you'll be driving in 2028. Or - in other words - that you'll be making two or three car payments at the same time. And of course, you'll be about 40-something then - married, with kids and a house, and still paying for your college car. Given that you're not going to get this Education Connection loan without a cosigner, anyway, you might as well take that same cosigner and apply for a plain old ordinary vanilla car loan, which will have a lower interest rate, and which you'll have paid off while you're still driving this car - not when it's rusting in a junkyard in 2028. I applaud you for your creative logic - but buying a car with a college loan is not a particularly advisable financial option. Good luck to you.


How can I get a credit card?

  • Makayla Pacocha
    Makayla Pacocha
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  • Janick Schoen
    Janick Schoen
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    Jazlyn Gleichner
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    Sterling Yundt
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