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    Hi. I am in the process of buying a home. The seller is calling me and my mortgage broker 2-3 times a day asking for a closing date. My broker just told me that the only final condition is the payment history on my student loans. I just got out of school and consolidated my loans and put them in deferrment. They are including the payment in my monthly debt even though my 1st payment on the student loans isn't until Dec. 06. Therefore, there is no payment history. My broker said Underwriting was using that as my payment history as I don't have any other credit card debt. My car was paid off 1 1/2 yrs ago. Will this make my loan fall apart? Is there anything I can do to speed up the loan so the seller will back off? The house is a REALLY good deal! Help. Experienced answerers only. Thanks!

    Hi there. All is not lost. Here are three quick options to get this out of stalemate and move it forward. 1. Write a letter explaining the situation in detail. Keep it all fact based: Over the years... I have accumulated Student Loans in the amount of xxx. Based on recent changes to the student loan program, I have chosen to consolidate them to lock in my interest rate. My first payment on this loan is Dec 6, 2006 and therefore I have no specific payment history on this account. 2. Write another letter with the subject Payment history of (your name and SSN). come up with stuff. Have you paid electric bills, cable bills, cell phone bills, anything? Put it in there. Your car was paid off 2 1/2 years ago... did you have a loan on it? if so, include it all. Just because you haven't made a credit payment in 2 1/2 years doesn't mean you're lost. 3. How do you feel about your broker? If you love them then go back to them and literally tell them YOU NEED TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN FOR ME. Give them your two letters so they have something to work with. Pull on their heart strings if you have a great rapport. Appeal that you're a first time home owner and it's been your dream all your life. DON'T get timid about this... you MUST put it on them to deliver for you or make them feel horrible about it. Most Loan brokers use a small set of loan officers they know pretty well. They value these relationships and use them well and they try not to push them. BUT, they have the ability to do so if they are any good and can put an immense amount of pressure on the bank, but in a nice way, that you can't. 4. If you are not liking the loan broker, then lean on them. Tell them that they must get this resolved immediately. If they are not responsive, ask to talk to the person in charge of the broker. They won't like it but don't get mean with it, but be persistent. Be nice to the head person but persistent that you really, really, really need their help. The point is to get these folks going to bat for them. If that doesn't work then you may have to have someone with greater influence (like your Dad or something) call them to "understand the hold up" so they can lean on them and tell them things like "If you can't get this done for my daughter, I'll make sure eveyrone I know understands that you and xxxx brokerage (the company) have failed. You never want to resort to this unless you have no choice but if you can't get them to move and you haven't been able to get anything done... try it. Don't despair. Remember something really important. The Broker or the Bank get NOTHING if they don't write you a loan. It's what they do. You can convince them you're a good risk... you can. Look at you! You just finished school, you have a job, you have no real debt beyond the loans... you are EXACTLY what they are looking for. You need to do a little more work to allow the underwriter to have something to put in their file to prove they made the right decision. The two letters will do that. Good Luck! I {CITY} this was helpful. Take Care, TBG

    To get through the underwriters you need a good credit score, which if you had a car loan should show something unless the loan was not in your name. They will include the payment on the student loan in your debit to income ratio. that is why they need to know what it will be even if you have not started payments yet. In order to get a loan at least one at a good rate, you have to have a credit score over 620, and a debit to income ratio (sorry I can't remember the ratio, but I think under 40%) and have worked at your job for at least 6 month, a year or more is better. The fact that you have a college education is in your favor, but not a big factor. It depends also on the type of loan that you are getting. FHA takes longer to close but might be easier to get. It also depends on how much money you are putting down and where it is coming from and how much money you have in the bank to make the payment in case you lose your job. Your loan officer should be able to talk to the underwriter and present a reasonable case in your behave. May don't try to do this. But he/she is making some serious money on your loan so make them work for you. Having said all of this it sounds to me that all you need is a letter showing what you payment will be and when it will start. Perhaps you have something already and just don't realize that this is the paper that you need. If you do not have it, you will have to jump through a lot of hoops to get this and get it quickly and have it FAXed to the underwriter, and a copy to you. Don't give up quickly. Be very persistant. I use to work as a loan officer and I know that sometime you can talk sense to an underwriter, but they are a different breed. It is their job to make sure that you do not default on your mortage and they take that very, very seriously. They have steps that they must follow, or die. Or so it seems. If all else fails have the loan officer talk to the underwriter's supervisor. But only as a last resort. Good luck.

    Student loans are government loans so they might want a history of your payments for when you were making payments, or if thats not what they are looking for your broker should be able to explain to the underwriter that your payments dont start until dec. or they may want it just for payment history in general (alternative credit) if you dont have alot of current open accounts. and there are fha loans that will use alternative credit, wich can be phone bill, car insurance, light bill, rent a center, rent, cable bill and so forth. i would find out exactly why they want that payment history and give them what they need. and you can talk to the lender yourself, ask the broker for their number if he isnt satisfying your questions.

    The people above do not know what they are talking about. Just get a the letter from the lender of the student loans showing that they are deferred. the underwriting is not looking at the payment history just at the DTI.

    First, contact the lender/mortgage broker and explain the situation so that you can resolve it quickly....do not wait as it is only going to hold things up. Second, The contract should ahve a date by which you need to furnish a commitement letter. The seller can'tback out unless your unable to obtain a mortgage by that date or unable to meet some other condition of the contract.

    Everything is falling aside, regrettably, and that is the truth of what you're dealing with correct now. What do you do? You say, k, the whole thing is falling aside. Admit that to your self and quit looking to run clear of it. Grieve, it is ok to grieve your losses. Cry, scream, throw stuff, however get it from your process, ideally now not on individuals. I pray whilst I believe that method. I present all of it as much as God and observe that now not the whole thing is regularly in my manipulate, any one else is guidance the wheel frequently. Let it move. Manage what you'll. You might lose the residence, and so forth... however peace of brain and peace to your middle is valuable. They are handiest matters, they CAN get replaced. Find peace with whatever to your lifestyles, even supposing it is simply being in nature and calm your spirit down. You can have the force you wish to have in case you ask for it. Know that you're more potent than you consider and even supposing you lose all of it, you continue to have YOU and you're valuable and now not replacable. There is a mild on the finish of this lengthy tunnel, I promise. Have a few religion. :)

    I just don't understand why they calculated your students loans, when on the credit they show that they are not due yet. only one option i see for you is to come up with alternative payment history like maybe you pay something like gym membership, utility bills, car insurance, your dentist for braces or something like this. ask your loan officer what other things you can provide to make this work.

    Have u tried calling the place that gave u the student loan and ask them if they can print up some paper on u payments. i assume u made payments before deferment. otherwise i guess ur out. good luck

    Is it my right to know the name of the underwriter doing our home loan? I have more than enough reason to report them to the attorney general's office.

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