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    It couldn't have hit worse timing! I got a car title loan on a Wed to pay my $5,000 insurance deductible so I could take my son to the hospital and on that very Friday, lost my job. I did get a new job but I didn't even get my 1st check until a week AFTER my 1st payment was due. This company has been awful. She called me the day after it was due and said she was coming to get the car. I asked for some more time and she just wouldn't give it. It is a 20k car and they gave me a 7k loan on it. Personally I think they WANT the car back! Obviously they would sell it and make money off it! Well, I finally got something worked out to pay it off on this Friday, in 3 days. The manager called me tonight and said she is going to get a court order and have the police come get it tonight! Can they really do this? She knows they will have the money on Friday. She knows I am getting the loan. I would die if the police showed up at my home. Has anyone ever been in this situation with a car title loan company? Are there any attorneys out there? I could really use some advice. I worked really hard for this car and would hate to lose it because I came into tough times. Oh and I don't need anyone telling me, "you should pay your bills and you wouldn't be dealing with this". I do. I am not even 30 days behind. It was rough with my son getting ill and losing my job. And, I live in Hawaii if anyone knows of any special laws here! Thanks!

    You need to hide the car until you make the payment on Friday. Don't let it sit in front of your house (or down the block, etc) or outside of your work place, as I'm sure they know where to look. Don't leave it outside of anyone's home that they can trace to you, friends, family, etc. If you know someone with a garage they will let you use for a few days, leave it there, and get rides for the rest of the week. If there is any way they can take it, they will. Protect yourself and your property until you pay off the loan. Good luck to you :)


    You should have better sense,, they are loan sharks, that's how they make there money..the time to have consulted an attorney was before you signed..I wish you luck..they always have the upper hand.

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