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    I would suggest upon the first major events to search for future underground shelter. Perhaps an old cavern or deep mine. You would need to fill that shelter with all major necessities and a water purifier with replacement filters that will get you through at least 3-5 years. You must plan your alternate routes because normal routes will be blocked by people trying to escape. If you are alert you might see the first indication of what is coming and you could make it out, but it is better to have an alternate route. Spend your time with your family and friends as though today and everyday forward could be the last. You must only take those who are willing to go and who understand. Anyone else will be a distraction or worse and could get you killed. You will obviously need to arm yourself. Water and food items will be gold during this time. Keep your safe location a secret. I do know of a cavern that has been well prepared for disaster and I also know who is running things there.

    I have to ask this question first. Am I the only other one that knows for sure or is it revealed to everyone in the world? I ask because if I'm the only one then I could still plan things normally, if it were the latter, then it wouldn't really matter what I wanted to do as the whole world would be in a deathly panic. Being a person of little importance during a crises means very little power. Assuming that I WAS SURE about the time frame and that I was the only other one int he world that knew, then I would take my financial situation in consideration (I have no spouse or children) and plan my money (and take out the biggest loans I could) to last me a little less then the 1815 day period because the last remaining months (assuming it is a well kept secret) would likely be chaotic. I would commit my funds to do everything Ive always wanted to do and saved up for. Of course I would travel and spend time with my family accordingly. I'm not sure how extravagant an answer you wanted, but the way you phrased the question, "if you knew nothing would change the outcome" kind of restricts my answer. Also, obviously it still would be impossible to do EVERYTHING and funds and access are limited but I would try to enjoy myself and make sure my family enjoys their last days. I'm not sure I would tell anyone, would they even believe me? Probably not.

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    Live like I live today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I could die at any moment. So ALWAYS live as though it is your last. :) As far a the government hiding something like that, I could believe it. I watched the show "The Universe" last night and they were talking about a comet that I had never herd about that will come very close around 2029.

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    You kinda gave me chills there.... anyways, first would tie up any loose ends with people. second, i would spend time with my friends and family. and finally make my peace with God.

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    Reva Thiel
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