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    Your return is sent to the IRS after you leave the tax office. The IRS computer checks names, and matches social security numbers, it also looks for other errors in format. If the IRS computer finds errors, the return is rejected, and sent back to H&R Block. They will call you and try to make changes over the phone, but you may have to come back to the tax ofice. If the IRS computer matches all the social security numbers, and doesn't find any errors, it accepts the return, and begins processing it. Acceptance can be as fast as several hours after the return is filed. Call the "Verisicon" (sp) telephone number to find the status of your return. If you gave Block your email, the IRS will send an email when your return has been accepted. 24 to 48 hours afterwards, your Refund Anticipation Loan funds will be sent to your Emerald card. Or, if you chose to receive your loan funds by check, you can pick up the check in the office. The "Verisicon" (sp) telephone number will tell you when the check has been printed. Hopefully, Saturday or Sunday, if the office is open on Sundays. You must qualify for the loan. If the loan is not approved by HSBC bank, then you will receive your refund in 8-15 days from IRS acceptance. You will not pay the finance charge for the loan, if the loan is denied. HSBC bank will still pay H&R Block their tax prep fees. You still pay the HSBC bank account fee of around $30. Good Luck

    It's 1 - 2 days from IRS acceptance. If you filed on Friday morning it's quite possible your check will be there tomorrow (Sat). If not, Sunday, or definitely Monday (that's assuming everything is Idaho with the IRS).

    Yeah it usually only takes a couple of days, but it can depend on the amount of refund you are receiving from the loan. I did that through h&r block one year and they broke my refund up into 2 checks. don't know why.

    I hope you read all the fine print on the loan the intrest rate is high

    Most companies cut you a check at once these days, but i guess H&R block needs the money for payroll. In any case it should not take over two days and can be put into your checking or savings accouint at once.

    I can wait for mine.

Two SSI checks in one month! What do I do?

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