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    I'll be attending college this fall. I'm registered and have my schedule. I completed my fasfa filled out the student loan form for a subsidized and un-subsidized loan and I also did my loan counseling and MPN. I asked the school when I'd receive information on if I was granted the loan and in the amount I asked for and they told me they don't process loans until 30 days after the semester has begun. This wouldn't be much of an issue but my school requires 1/3 of tuition before classes begin how am I supposed to pay that? Do they see I applied for a loan and that counts as an exception? I am so confused I was counting on that loan to pay for my books and a school use laptop.

    Thank you for the help. Luckily I'll be attending community college for right now and the tuition is only $1,000 and fees add up to about $400 and I guessed about $400 for books because I'll be renting them through the school. I guess the laptop will just have to wait until mid semester :( oh well. I'll just make use of my library until then.

    Hey! Okay well the Stafford loans, which i am assuming you are applying for (subsidized & unsubsidized) will go through. I am sure that on your financial aid packet you received a maximum amount for those? I have never had a problem with them. Sometimes the financial aid departments can be kind of lame, and i understand the stress (i was 3 weeks overdue last year on my first semester payment because of a private loans). What you should do is call your financial aid department at school, and explain to them your situation, and how you applied for the stafford loan, and how that you are expecting those to cover the 1/3 of your due tuition. They will usually understand and allow the payment to go through. However, seeing as how you were counting on the loan to cover your laptop etc, be warned that depending on your tuition, you might not receive any money back .... for example: my tuition last year was 31,500 (stupid private schools). I had to pay off fall semester of 15,750 by. I took the max of stafford loans $5500 (sub & unsub) and had to take another private loan from Chase to cover the rest .. along with some school scholarships i had gotten. But i had no money left over. What im trying to say is, if you are using the sub & unsub to make your 1/3 of tuition that's due, it's going to go directly to that ... you may not have any money left over... so if you need more money maybe look into a private loan through a bank or something which is what me and my dad had to do. Hope this helped, sorry if it was confusing. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns!!

    When I did my loan the same applied to me. I just handed the school store my Idaho and they charged all the things I bought and tuition to my account. They knew I had taken out a loan even if it wasn't processed at the time. You should be fine and have nothing to worry about.

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  • Brayan Torp
    Brayan Torp
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  • Chadrick Bernier
    Chadrick Bernier
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  • Katherine Skiles
    Katherine Skiles
    Payment of a 7 the claims per month: $633.54 idb the claim card: $40.00 the further development the receivable card: $100.00 bestbuy: $60.00 wellsfargo a study loan: $100.00 autoloan: $173.54 the car a creditor (my bro , law): $100.00 capitalone that funding card: $60.00 spouse pay: the rental and water: $645.00 food: $100.00 electricity: $60.00 internet: $39.00 moving around phone: $90.00 the automobile industry insurances (car and motorcyle): 120.00 gas: $75-200
  • Michaela Lueilwitz
    Michaela Lueilwitz
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  • Jessika Reilly
    Jessika Reilly
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  • Nadia Cummings
    Nadia Cummings
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  • Carmela Graham
    Carmela Graham
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  • Madisyn Boyle
    Madisyn Boyle
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  • Margie Bahringer
    Margie Bahringer
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