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    I recvd Notice of Default and Election to sell under Deed of Trust on 3/2/2011. Loan modification with B of A has been successful and approved. I will begin to make payments on May 1 for the 90 day trial loan. When will the Notice of Default and Election to sell under Deed of Trust be removed or revoked from the county recorder? I live in {CITY} Ca. I am tired of the millions of realitors, loan specialists and attorrneys calling or mailing information due to the recorded doc. Will I get a copy from the county or someone telling me it has been removed or canceled and when?

    Bank of America won't do anything until you have the permanent modification in place. So, you'll need to wait at least 90 days until the trial period is over and they send you the permanent modification paperwork. Once they receive the notarized documents, then B of A will record a Notice of Rescission with the county. This means that the loan has been reinstated and you are no longer delinquent on your payments. You will receive a copy of the recording in the mail. In defense of the Realtors bugging you, we are simply trying to help someone who may be in need of our assistance and at the same time expand our business. Just like the Realtors on yahoo answers. ;)

Find the future value of $12,430 borrowed at 4 1/8% simple interest for 810 days. (Round your answer to the ne?

  • Darren Jenkins
    Darren Jenkins
    Sake , $1,137.86. amount of is left $13,567.86.