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Payday Loan in Idaho

    Here's the scope: I have 20k savings and my dad is going to match that to help pay for a home. I have exactly 21k in student loans, $315 monthly payment. No other debt besides less than 10% on all my revolving accounts. My mid score is a 680, I could get either conventional or FHA. I am trying to buy a small condo so that while continuing to save, I am also building equity or paying off what I will use as rental income some day. I can go conventional with 20% down but have more debt. Or I could pay off all my debt. And go FHA. I need to make a deduction soon because FHA cases assigned after June 1st will have to pay PMI for the duration of the loan. Right now I can go FHA and only pay PMI until I build enough equity in the place. I'm not looking to buy a long term home. Rather a place where I can live for the net 8 to 10 years while my fiancé and I save for a a home in our dream area. I'm just so tired of renting. And the 300+ student loan payment is really liming me and also killing my monthly budget. I am working with a broker and he's going to do some math for me. I wanted to get some anonymous thoughts/opinions. If you need more info please let me know

    First you need to know that not all condo's will qualify for an FHA loan. FHA has several items that will make a condo not qualify, such as "too many units in foreclosure, too many of the units being rentals etc.) About 50% of condos don't qualify. If you go FHA you will have to pay 1.75% of the loan amount in upfront PMI to FHA, as well as monthly mortgage insurance till you hit 78% LTV (as long as your case number is assigned before June)... you are right about monthly MIP lasting forever after that (however when you get down to 80% LTV on FHA you can always refinance onto a conventional without PMI). If I were you, (as a mortgage lender) I would l go conventional.. You will have a much lower mortgage payment (lower rate/lower loan amount/no PMI). You can also look at what's called a "single premium conventional loan at 90% or 95% LTV). With these you put 5 or 10% down - conventional loan & pay a one time up front PMI payment & no monthly PMI. You can't however finance the Single Premium- you must bring it to the closing table, but it's much better than FHA. In short I guess what I'm trying to get at is by going FHA you will probably pay at least the $315.00 you are paying on student loan debt now, in additional payment on the FHA loan. {CITY} this helps!

    The interest rate on yoru student loans should be much less than what it would be on a home. Hence you would be better served to put the money into the home and reduce the amount of interest paid there.

    Im trying to purchase a home but already have a student loan?

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