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    On the webage the irs says my refund is on the way with a note adding it may have been reduced for an off set , the offset is for 10k my refund was 3k is it possible my refund check will just say zero and the irs just dosnt have a page stating that so they just says its on the way and when i dont get it and then call them , then they say ohh yea , your refund was redirected. why would they get my hopes up that a refund id in the mail if it isnt ?

    THANKS FOR THE SUGGESTION, i CALLED THE REFUND HOTLINE, IT ALSO SAYS MY REFUND WAS DIRECT DEPOSITED ON FRIDAY, OFCOURSE IT WILL TAKE A FEW DAYS , WHATS THE CHANCE IT IS ZERO ???, i also visted my loan website and it also says my refund is subject to interception, I guess my point is why would the irs say they direct deposited my refund into my account just to see nothing ever gets put in there...

    I would call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040. It would be best for you to speak with an actual person. Press 2 at the first menu option. Then 2 at the next menu. After that, the very last option will be to speak with an IRS representative. I know that the IRS will not send you a check for zero. Financial Management Systems (FMS) is the division that collects student loans for the IRS. Could be that information hasn't been updated, and that dept of the IRS doesn't realize yet that the entire refund will be kept. I'm not sure if anyone at the IRS will be working the weekend, so you may have to wait until Monday. Good Luck. Even though they are separate departments, if you call the IRS, their representatives have the ability to access FMS records to see how much will be offset. Also, if the number is saying that they have direct deposited your refund, it's very likely it has happened. Depending on how your bank processes their ACH deposits, it may not show up until Saturday and Sunday. I know when my check was direct deposited on Friday, it didn't actually show up in the account until Monday. You could call the bank first thing Monday morning before you call the IRS.

    Maybe the offset only included one or two of the student loans and not all four. Maybe they don't have all the info yet for all of your loans, only some. If they said they are sending you a refund, they would not send you a blank check! Just wait and see what it is since the notice said it was less because of offsets. It could be that next year when you file your taxes, that they will take out the remaining money that you owe for the loans. EDIT:Sounds like you are going to get your refund afterall if they say it was direct deposited. The IRS would not tell you that they deposited a refund IF Illinois FACT THEY DID NOT! When they deposited mine on a Friday, mine was credited that morning to my account. I know it depends on your bank, but probably by Monday yours should be there. What a mystery--I guess you won't know what's going on for sure until you talk to an agent.

    Typically if the entire refund was taken, they would say so. The offset may not have been for as much as you owe. If you get the refund, do what you want with it. Pay off the loans, spend it, or whatever. As long as the total refund amount on your return is correct, the money they send you is yours.

    The IRS does NOT issue your refund or collect for offsets. They submit a payment voucher the the Financial Management Service (FMS) of the Treasury Department. The IRS only knows that they submitted the voucher. They don't know about the offset.

If i already filed my taxes with someone can i go to H&R block to get a payment early if in need to pay a bill?

  • Marquis Anderson
    Marquis Anderson
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