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    I went to a school back in 2010 and dropped out after a month, maybe two months. Soon there after collection agencies were bothering me about the money from my student loans which was about 5,000 I had used on books and tuition in those weeks I was there. At the time I dropped out the whole financial aid department was under investigation for embezlment and they all ended up being arrested within a few weeks. With that happening I had remembered that I applied for this school when I was 17, so my student loans should have been parent loans for a dependant. But my parents did not sign any paperwork, I signed everything, and was enrolled and in my classes within a matter of days. So I told the collectors to stop bothering me because they had me sign papers for loans as a minor, which is illegal to begin with and if they continued to bother about it I would be more than glad to call a lawyer. And well they havent called me for over a year. My question now is will this affect me geting financial aid for another school? Or is there a way I can check online to see if I will still qualify for financial aid? And also if anybody happens to know if what they did was indeed illegal that would help too thank you :)

    "You do not need to get your parents to cosign your federal student loans, even if you are under age 18, as the 'defense of infancy' does not apply to federal student loans. (The defense of infancy presumes that a minor is not able to enter into contracts, and considers any such contract to be void. There is an explicit exemption to this principle in the Higher Education Act with regard to federal student loans.) However, lenders may require a cosigner on private student loans if your credit history is insufficient or if you are underage. In fact, many private student loan programs are not available to students under age 18 because of the defense of infancy. " ( Unfortunately, it was entirely legal for you to sign for federal student loans even if you were a minor at the time, so you do owe this money. The reason for this exception to the defense of infancy principle is that many students begin college before the age of 18 and need access to funding--just as you did. If these students could use the defense of infancy many of them would do so to get out of repaying them--just as you are trying to do. If you haven't been making payments, your loans are almost certainly in default at this point. If so, then you cannot receive further financial aid until you resolve the default. You can do this by making a satisfactory payment arrangement with the lender and making 9 consecutive, on time payments. If you have more than one loan, you can also resolve a default by consolidating them. This means replacing your defaulted loans with a new loan that has a single income contingent payment. You can find out about the current status of your loans by going to the National Student Loan Data System at www.nslds.ed.gov. Use your FAFSA pin # to gain access to your account, and you will be able to see all of the information about your loans, including whether or not they are currently in default. (If you have forgotten your pin # you can get a duplicate or apply for a new one at While it was not illegal for the school to set you up with federal student loans at the age of 17, it sounds as if there may have been other issues that you could possibly pursue. You may want to contact the FSA Ombudsman at the US Department of Education. This person helps students and parents resolve disputes over federal education loans. The Ombudsman can't impose a solution, but he/she can research it and help suggest options. You can contact the FSA Ombudsman by phone at 1-877-557-2575, by fax at 1-202-275-0549, by mail at U.S. Department of Education, FSA Ombudsman, 830 First Street, NE, Fourth Floor, Washington, Illinois 20202-5144, or by email at fsaombudsmanoffice@ed.gov.

    Are you eligible for Federal loans? I do not do not forget them being elegant on credit score. Additionally you would attempt to fill out FAFSA as an independent if your dad and mom do not aid you, that may get rid of your mothers and fathers sales/credit score out of your utility and probably broaden your possibilities? My father and mother didn't qualify for federal PLUS loans on account that of their low credit so I was once ready to take out a different mortgage on my own that i couldn't have otherwise (I believe unsubsidized Stafford). You must make an appointment with the loan/fiscal support office at your school and make certain they understand you might be determined. You should be rather pleasant and charming, and get an appointment with probably the most senior individual within the place of work that you may. They will have assets they don't publicize that they are able to use, or some loans you haven't heard of. Just right luck.

We are looking to refinance a 417k 30yr loan into 80-20 loan, can this be done in ny? any recommended lenders?

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    Annamarie Kunze
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    Ernestine Quitzon
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