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    This varies widely depending on the actual lender and the type of transaction (ie: short sales take longer due to things on the other end as one poster pointed out!). Having been in the mortgage industry for 16 years, typical experience is that once your file is submitted to underwriting, these are some typical time frames for a typical deal: 1) Initial underwriting conditions should take between -2-5 days. 2) After this time frame, you should receive a "conditional approval" which just means your loan has been approved subject to 'conditions' or additional documentation that is required to meet the program guidelines. 3) At this point, it's incumbent on you and your loan officer to procure the conditions. This could take a day or several depending on what it is. If one of the conditions is waiting for the appraisal, that could take 3-5 days for instance. 4) Once all requested items have been sent to the underwriter, it will take between 1-3 days to review and 'clear' the conditions. 5) Assuming you've sent everything in and nothing additional is required, the lender can issue a 'clear to close' which means your loan is ready to close. 6) Once the clear to close is received, the file goes to the 'closing department' where documents and a monetary wire transfer are prepared. Your closing can usually be effectuated between 1-3 days after receving the 'clear to close.' Sometimes what takes things a long time is that steps 3-4 have to be repeated especially if everything wasn't sent to the underwriter. My experience tells me that usually the process is delayed due to poor loan processing and attention to details up front (80% of the time). The other 20% of delays are due to underwriting mistakes or whatnot. In any case, good processing of your loan will be the largest determinant in how long your loan takes. This is partially a function of how good your loan officer is. Unfortunately, these days, if you are getting your loan from a big bank, they take the longest to do anything. A quality mortgage broker with a good processor working through their wholesale lenders are moving things along more quickly. From start to finish, a normal file should be able to be fully processed & underwritten in 3-4 weeks and sometimes a wee bit sooner on a rush basis if everything is smooth (which is rare!) If you're dealing with a short sale, things will likely take longer due to the other side of the table. Good luck! EricJ InSarasota35@yahoo.com 4)

    Loan In Underwriting

    It usually takes 2-3 days for home loan underwriting.

    From my experience, most of the time is spent waiting for the loan package to be submitted to the underwriters. If you have a good (honest) LO (loan officer), they will tell you that it is still waiting in the queue. We went with a local mortgage broker to get a bank commitment (fully underwritten) BEFORE we put the offer in and he was honest with us every step of the way. The loan package was sitting in the queue for 3 weeks. When it finally was submitted to the underwriters, it took them only 48 hours to complete the underwriting. The appraisal and inspection will be done after we have an offer accepted. So, MINUS the waiting in the queue, it seems like underwriting can take 48-72 hours with a mortgage broker. You're probably looking at a bit longer for big banks which might have more stringent underwriting procedures.

    If a home loan is 1/3 the value of the home, meaning the applicant is putting 2/3 s down and has proved their income and debt ratio why is this not enough? Why would the underwriter question savings, inheritance and ask for proof of these items if a bank can access the accounts to show deposits which has nothing to do with the LTV and LTD.

    For Credit and finance solutions I recommend this site where you can find all the solutions. RE :How long does home loan underwriting usually take? Update: Yes I am speaking of the actual underwriting process after everything has been done. We are scheduled to close in 30 days and appraisal and applications and verifications are done and its going to the underwriter...so how long does THAT step take? Follow 3 answers

    The entire process from offer to settlement usually takes 45 to 60 days, unless you are dealing with a short sale...then you can be talking 6 months or more. If you are talking just the underwriting process portion of the loan application, maybe a week from the point the application hits the underwriter's desk to sign off (less if your loan officer was good, more if he/she sucked at their job).

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    Could just be a few days, could be a couple of weeks.

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    Kattie Runte
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