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    I'm going to be going on loans and grants alone while working full time. I'm mainly doing classes online but I want opinions of those who have done this already or are doing it now. Who is the best to go to? What kind of loans are there and whats the difference? What kind of grants are there and where can I find them?

    Here are some general characteristics of federal and private student loans. Federal student loans: 1. Have fixed interest rates determined by the federal government 2. May include federally-subsidized interest depending on the student's need 3. Provide flexible repayment and deferment options, including income-based repayment 4. Require completion of the FAFSA 5. Require school certification 6. May offer borrower benefits, such as interest rate discounts 7. PLUS loans require that the borrower have no adverse credit 8. Stafford and Perkins loans are not credit based Private student loans: 1. Can help when federal student loans, scholarships, grants and other aid aren't enough to fund your entire cost of education 2. Have interest rates and fees that are determined by the lender and often depend on your credit rating 3. May have variable interest rates 4. Although a cosigner is not necessary or required to apply, a cosigner may increase the likelihood of approval and may result in a better interest rate. Student borrowers and cosigners are equally responsible for repayment of the loan. 5. May offer borrower benefits, such as interest rate discounts 6. Usually require school certification 7. Require completion of a self-certification form Hope this a help! God bless!

    This is a great way to start thinking when funding your education. I would recommend starting by filling out a FAFSA. Fill out the forms and follow the prompts, it's not difficult. You will need your latest tax forms and school code to fill this out completely. Then contact your financial aid office at your school. Go to: Just going by your Illinois SoldierGal I'm assuming that your affiliated with the military somehow. Not sure if you are the service member or a dependent (spouse or child) but you might check with either the VFW or, if still serving, check with an education liaison or who ever handles benefits on base.

Im so stressed out and depressed....debt problems need advice and help?

  • August Prosacco
    August Prosacco
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  • Dudley Corkery
    Dudley Corkery
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  • Anibal Torp
    Anibal Torp
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  • Roscoe Funk
    Roscoe Funk
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  • Urban Rutherford
    Urban Rutherford
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  • Levi Anderson
    Levi Anderson
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