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Payday Loan in Indiana

    They say that is what it would cost if we went to a bank! i beg to differ that amount, this was a superhuge thanksgiving blowout, i dont feel parents should charge their children intrest on a 1 mo. loan,or any loan for that matter! but beings they do,i need to know what a bank would charge on $1100?loan date was oct.27,2012 and was paid back thanksgiving day!

    When you borrowed it, did they say anything about interest? If not, you don't owe them interest. If you borrowed money from a high interest credit card, you might expect say 24% interest a year. That's 2% a month. They are being obnoxious asking for 100% interest. I would look your parents in the eye and tell them you owe them NO interest because they didn't specify interest. Tell them you will pay them back the money with 2% interest if they sign a sheet of paper saying they were PAID Indiana FULL. If they don't want to sign the paper, don't pay them back. That said, you need to start saving up an emergency fund, so you don't have to borrow money in the future.

    Pay them whAt they want, even if it's wrong. They were willing to loan you the money when probably no one else would. Be grateful they helped you out when you needed it. It is a lot more than a bank would charge, but then borrowing from a bank was never an option for you was it??? Quit whining.

    Sounds like your parents don't really want to loan you money so they are charging you loan shark rates (or at least payday loan rates) for one month use of the money they loaned you. (my bank would have charged you $5.50 for one month use of $1100 & my credit card would have charged nothing as long as I paid it off before the end of my billing period) I recommend in the future that you deal w/ your bank or credit union, they have better rates than your parents. BTW: I have no problem w/ relatives charging interest for money they loan. So often family members seem to think that they don't have to pay back the money they borrow from relatives & then having you sign paperwork & charge you interest makes it easier to enforce you paying them back so they aren't out of the money.

    It is always best to build up an emergency fund of 3 to 6 month. When family and friends start charging interest, YOU have burned a bridge.

    Your parents aren't a bank. If you don't like it, stop bumming money from them and learn to manage your own finances such that you will never HAVE to do it.

I want a house?

  • Cesar O'Hara
    Cesar O'Hara
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  • Sage Fay
    Sage Fay
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  • Maryjane Weimann
    Maryjane Weimann
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    Ervin Kreiger
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    Reuben Gerhold
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    Dessie Ankunding
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  • Zakary Shields
    Zakary Shields
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    Estefania Thiel
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    Vickie Kris
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    Russell Brown
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