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    After changing lender, everything was going smooth until my New Lender (USAA) ordered a copy of Indiana Appraisal. Waiting 2 week, the previous lender hesitated to release the Indiana Appraisal to the New Lender (USAA). I had to make several calls to the previous lender. The previous lender requested me to pay the Indiana appraisal cost after they did not follower through with the loan on the day of closing. However, I did received a copy of the Indiana Appraisal and a bill statement, which I then forward to the New Lender (USAA). The new lender extended the Closing 5 days, 1 day before the end of my contract and locked rate. I am almost there, should I worry?

    If you have signed loan docs, the underwriter has indicated there are no additional conditions or stipulations to be satisfied then you might be ok. This process appears long and tedious as you do not go through this procedure on a regular basis. Your real estate agent should be in constant contact with you with any up dates and potential problems. This is what they get paid for. When things appear to go bad they seem to disappear and offer very little help. Another person that get paid by you would be the loan officer, you should be in constant contact with this person also about the loan process and of there are or might be difficulties. The other person is the escrow or closing agent. They or you should be in contact with them about potential problems. You are paying all these people through some type of fee or commission, they work for you, and should be in contact with you about things good or bad at least once a week. Count the times anyone of them have called you. If you are at this stage you should be ok and things will go pretty good for you. Thanks for your service from one retired G.I. I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck. "FIGHT ON"

    You seem to have a problem with paying for the appraisal. The appraisal was ordered by the first lender on your behalf - you owe them the money.

How to deal with my first year marriage situtaion?

  • Gail Aufderhar
    Gail Aufderhar
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  • Hilma Lynch
    Hilma Lynch
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  • Zola Barrows
    Zola Barrows
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  • Rod Cronin
    Rod Cronin
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