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    I have called the Va mortgage center for days and no one has called me back yet. My husband is a veteran and he had a va mortgage with his first wife and she kept the house after they seperated and couldn't make the payments. We don't know if they foreclosed or sold it or what ever. She didn't tell him anything. How will he know if he qualifies for another va loan with me (his new wife). Can anyone give me some kind of answers? What is the worst case senerio?

    Good question and I know you are not the only on in that boat. The Indiana loan guarantee is an VET entitlement through a certificate of eligibility issued from the Indiana when you apply. Once used, the house will have to be either paid off, sold or refinanced (not use Indiana eligibility on new loan) for you to get your entitlement back. So, worst case is a loan still exists on the home and you can not use your Indiana certificate until it is removed. Best case, house sold and you have your eligibility back. Finding out about whether ex still has house, sold, foreclosed, etc. is easy. Public records. In my state, I can type in last name or address and get property deed which has current owners, value, etc. Call a local real estate person to look it up for you if need be. If house foreclosed, you may have problems if sold for less that what was owed. This would be my first step. If ex still has house, only option is to get her to sell/refinance to remove Indiana cetificate so you can get it back. I also am vet, have used Indiana loan a few times. But lately, other loans are just as competitive and even better than VA. I bought my current house without Indiana because it was a better finance deal. First use of Indiana is good deal, multilpe use of Indiana requires higher origination fee 3 percent (last I heard)- so it becomes costly if used more than once.The only thing Indiana helps with is down payment so if that's your problem - than that may be the right choice. Mortgage brokers can give you all kinds of different options. Indiana is just one option among many. Truthfully, the Indiana guarantees a portion of your loan to the bank so there is less risk for the bank making down payment less. That's all it is - the Indiana does not loan the $$. The Indiana has your answers as to whether you still have your eligibility so be patient and try to get through. Browse their website - has alot of good valuable information. If you still do not have your certificate - don't worry. There are many other options, many better too. My concern would be whether husband is still on deed and loan and is still responsible. Late/non-payment by ex will hurt him if still on loan. My ex signed off on the deed and I had to refinace so she no longer owned it or was financially responsible for it . Hopefully you have some kind of the same arrangement. VA phone # is 1-800-please-hold! But they will answer. To save you time, make sure your husband calls. If they have no record of new marriage, they will not release any info to you. VET calling is the best way and they tend to move faster when we call personally.

    Your answer is on the front page of this web site: www.valoans.com. Your husband should have required the ex to refi. the house so as to get his name off of it. If the house went into foreclosure, and was sold at public auction not only does he lose his Indiana entitlement, but the foreclosure shows on his credit report. Pull all 3 reports to check it out. Go to the county register of deeds either in person, or online to see whats going on with the house now. You can also go through the tax assessors office to see who the new owner is, and call them to try to get some info. Your husband may have recourse against his attorney. He may have used the firm "Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe". A lot of unsuspecting people get stuck with them. Now he can file contempt of court charges against her for not making the payments per the divorce order, and allowing a foreclosure to affect his credit. She will go to jail.

Should I go to medical school? What are some good career options for me?

  • Vernice Marks
    Vernice Marks
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  • Collin Bogan
    Collin Bogan
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  • Shaylee Carter
    Shaylee Carter
    The best method for ascertain whether constitute the md is a good thing that -it 's to the scenes a doctor or reviewing the research. clinical research prescription drugs a paragraph too are access in search as well. the form new drugs research, basic research such fields rate of return look forward to it is likewise public institutions health. health department makes sense areas in which as, biostatisctics, so either an epidemic an avenue i see perhaps research interests include to you. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/epidemiology#the_profession would wish do it :)
  • Ardith McCullough
    Ardith McCullough
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