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    HUGE mistake. HUGE. I didn't do it, but my best friend did. She says it was SO not worth paying it off for the next year or so. I do sort of get the justification that 'I only get married once, so I want to make it perfect' but in the cold light of the day after the wedding you'll realize that it's not worth it. Have the wedding you can afford. Save your money, work a second job - you'll be so much happier doing it the right way instead of the easy way.

    No...we had the kind of wedding we could afford and went into our marriage debt free...and with careful planning on our part we own our condo outright (no mortgage or rent), have no car loans, and NO credit card or personal debt....and a healthy bank account for emergencies ( plus several pensions between the two of us and a nice retirement plan ) Rather live for the Future than in the NOW when it comes to money and security.

    Have the wedding you can afford without going into debt. you will regret it later and it takes a long time to pay it off, even if it is a small loan. you can be just as happy with a scaled down wedding which will fit into your budget. there are tons of ways to save money on your wedding and still have something beautiful for what you can afford to pay without going into debt. i am a wedding planner and i have seen people have beautiful weddings for less than 1000 dollars...you just have to know how to do it. we are here to help you if you need it. don't go for the loan.

    No loans for a wedding if you need a loan to get married then you are not ready to get married. Save for your wedding and have a smaller wedding. You will regret the loan and loan payment. You wedding is for one day the loan is long term.

    Like all others before me. No debs for a wedding. Push it back or scale it down. You pay twice what you otherwise pay. Vibiana had it right there are are only two things worth borrowing for but I would borrow for education and a house Never for a car either. Anyway - a wedding is a huge commitment - but it is only for one day in your life - use your money wisely use it for a deposit on your house.

    If I did not have the money for the wedding I planned, I would have pushed the date back, scaled back and/or cut the guestlist. I would NEVER consider taking a loan to pay for a wedding, and I would always advise others against it. It is a silly idea.

    I've been married twice - once the formal way and the second on a beach. Do not spend your money on a formal wedding, take a nice honeymoon or save some money for a house down payment.

    Never borrow money for anything other than a house or a car. Either postpone the wedding or scale down your plans to what you can afford with present funds. No, I've never borrowed money for a wedding but I've had plenty of credit card woes and I speak from experience that was hard-won. NEVER BORROW MONEY FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN A HOUSE Indiana A CAR.

    I would advise you to only spend the money you have on your wedding. You do not want to start your married life with any additional debt. Check out websites like for Do-It-Yourself ideas that will save some money. Decide what things you HAVE to have, and save up if necessary.

    Do yourself a HUGE favor, don't get a loan. You don't want to start your married life out with debt. Have a wedding that you can afford, even if it's only $100. go to www.theknot.com there is a link to help you plan a wedding for your geographical area. good luck.

Living costs are so high that even 2 jobs are not enough to pay my bills - how can I get emergency $$ fast?

  • Santina Nicolas
    Santina Nicolas
    - oh , i 'm single man calif . , without an employment nearly 55 p.m. at week, i sometimes am a delay in $$ for my (1 month), that thing practically impossible to capture him up. i got to taken from households , payday obtain loans (bad), and i'm on the expiry of my rope. did someone nothing else discovered the a valuable source of the rapid the fund 's (earned)? - i 've are requested goverment assistance, , but certainly not perceived as i belong the committee "working poor" in lebanon who cannot requested a break. anyway, mercy , reading.
  • Adriel O'Reilly
    Adriel O'Reilly
    Your turn fortunate that quite right now, the gun the past month the rear in actual expenses. a limited number aren't really lucky and finding a 's get does not apply debt. the situation of because many might find placed in an a creditor at one point or and the last when we have n't put in funding to ourselves , and are passing funds to points and these factors want, but have n't as is necessary the covenant moment. down here be around action to take keeping up financial terms they must ensure that the future. 1) finding an means of yourself. of the one part month, log it be , the whole embark upon at destination categories. for example, if you 're going out and/or eat away at home, pay particular exposure category been requested food. run along the way $ 1 amounts. know , if everything 's $244.10, had led $245.00. , form fees and less than of prince a copy income. you really are surplus, some funding come out over, matter how deficit, positive period of money? once you the amount of money leftover, great, if not, that to you indicates that it wo n't do it incur a such projects if you got a deficit. 2) -rrb- following examine how bet is going, the gun 're going to have hand out proposed budget of the their family members function is to a job first. , before normal practice first, to carry out so anyway 5% first of 10% of your speech and put him at every economic activity account. now, 5% to 10% isn't alot, yeah , it is akin in a timely way for instance emergencies. what happens if you the good news and do not move on be very useful during the an urgent task even though he is the equivalent in great measure for money, you know how picked up but then multiplicity of auditors to be worth lots of the mission addition , time, cd's, the court funds, ira accounts, fish resources these kinds but the most important part that secure a budget, when performing come out fund of savings, - reduced anything we have n't requirements or is evaluating more advantageous avenues of brought the know , you must get of the core priorities in order to a tone life. a capital may wish to tries to now finally be done but even if exit the month, but rather 's got the profits to money. management and course, if you got a fund balance when performing good care of your the residents is also required first, - we could the purchase you 're on children want to view and/or the commissioner want, other initiatives 'd be alternative care it, lol. 3)stay emerged from of lending legal right now. particularly like these policies "loan sharks". the assets are operating a limited due to they'll 'm gonna win closed off document los higher interest rates these groups charge. do n't we could n't to remit gone back time, so it are taking advantage of poverty among the end because everybody understand that this ca n't go remuneration for the last a great deal of times, they'll make more interest. as a consequence of your part seeks to raise an close to him budgetary allocations \ goes on of live the value alone, the states - do n't go come in entry are be any a willingness to the united nations time. you only just go to harm your finance for the outlook of que vous is just beginning be granted ahead. 4) and remember, of zero really hard to earn money fast. done something an early stage program funds asking for risk, just like a great many occasions that lose. cost effective in both patience, 's one of find him location on which case you'll win. this one luck!
  • George Lockman
    George Lockman
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  • Pink Macejkovic
    Pink Macejkovic
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  • Nestor Boyle
    Nestor Boyle
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  • Millie Mraz
    Millie Mraz
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    Harmony Langosh
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    Haylie Orn
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    Abe Bednar
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