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    It's a pay day loan place. Careful, many people regret getting these. A better idea may be if you took something of value to a pawn shop in your area. They can give you a short term loan at a more down to earth interest rate. Fail to pay back, all they do is keep the items. Fail to pay back a pay day loan and you will regret it dearly. Pawn shop - take your Indiana with you, and if the item is valuable expect to be fingerprinted. They will give you about 1/2 the value of the item in cold hard cash.

    Of course it is If you think your only choice to get over whatever financial hump you are in is to get a payday loan, and they are legal in your state, do yourself a favor, and at least go to one where you can WALK INTO their shop and talk to a human. These online lenders are either farming out your sensitive info to heaven knows where or selling it to who knows who. Rarely, will you get a loan. Typically, you will just find yourself filling out application after application or being sent to the same website through all the links on Google.

When stock prices fall, does the money just disappear?

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