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    I agreed to co-sign a loan for an ex co-worker for $15,000 dollars, in return for a piece of his land he owed back taxes on. When I got to the bank I was told I was signing as a co-signer. A few months later the bank called me to inform me that the loan was overdue for payment(I found out I was the SOLE signer on the loan). It is now a year and a half later, and the gentlemen I signed for just passed away! So there is no one to make the payment. I called the bank and told them I never received the money, because they issued it originally to the gentlemens WIFE WITHOUT my consent or documentation. I spoke with an attorney who says it wouldn't be cost effective to take on case against a major bank for 11,500 dollars, when the lawyers fees would add up to excess of $8,000! PLEASE HELP!!! I need my name off of this loan ASAP.


    Sadly, you are having an expensive lesson here. Did you get the land? If not, why not? When did you record the promise that was made to you that you'd get the land? Did your "friend" ever sign any document regarding the land? about all you can do is sue the person who received the funds [the wife?]. I'd also file a police complaint alleging that you were defrauded by her. *** not that it helps, but here are some of the things you did wrong. 1. you did not personally see the loans' funds paid out. Never, ever sign any loan paperwork unless you're going to personally witness the transaction. 2. you were not present to witness the completion of the documents. You never, ever sign documents that will not be complete when you're done. [What you do instead is make an offer -- the offer isn't complete until the other party signs them, BUT you control the terms of the offer.] 3. don't co-sign for anyone -- probably including your own mother. 4. never lend money [or make any contract with] to only one person in a marriage. It is far too easy for assets in a marriage to be transferred to the other party leaving you unable to collect. If there is some legal reason why that can't be done [only one spouse has the required license, for example], insist on a guarantee from the other spouse. If the other spouse is so well to do that they want to protect their separate assets from their partner's business venture -- that tells you everything you need to know -- it's a loser from the start and you want to run away from it. 5. don't take any verbal assurances about documents. Read them for yourself, or hire an attorney to read them and advise you. All well drawn contracts of every description contain a clause to the effect that only the actual wording of the documents is and constitutes the whole contract. Impliedly, this means that all verbal anythings said by anyone have no meaning whatsoever. 6. no transaction regarding land [or any real estate related rights whatsoever] is ever legal and official until after you have a written document describing the deal AND have the document recorded at the register of deeds [or similar office] in the community where the land is located. Apparently, you didn't take this essential step. *** Btw, I doubt that your police complaint will accomplish anything -- their investigation will come down to your word against the word of the wife and the written document of the loan.

    This is a $15,000 lesson for you about why a person should never co-sign a loan....sorry. You can't get your name off a co-signed loan if the primary signer has died. It does not matter if you did not receive any of this money, by co-signing the loan you agreed to pay in full if the other person refuses to pay, defaults or passes away. As Infiniti states below, any legal action would have to be against the deceased estate and NOT the bank. If this debt is beyond your ability to pay, then the only other option is to consider filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

    Sorry, but you signed on the dotted line. You are responsible. If you can prove that you lent him the money, you might be able to sue his estate for what he owed you. Never, never, never, co-sign for anyone else unless you are prepared to pay the debt yourself. Good luck


    You add in the lawyers fees to the amount you are suing for

    "Please help"? Too bad you didn't read what you were signing in the first place. Try reading it now - carefully.

Can anyone else see true obama?

  • Esmeralda Steuber
    Esmeralda Steuber
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  • Samir Wehner
    Samir Wehner
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  • Kailyn Conn
    Kailyn Conn
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  • Lavern Fritsch
    Lavern Fritsch
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  • Nichole Pacocha
    Nichole Pacocha
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  • Kristian Wuckert
    Kristian Wuckert
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  • Angelina Schmeler
    Angelina Schmeler
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  • Celine Littel
    Celine Littel
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    Alba Herzog
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