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Payday Loan in Iowa

    Our loan officer FINALLY called us yesterday and confirmed that we have our conditional loan approval. After requesting minor requirements and resubmitting all necessary papers, How long does it take for the final loan approval? Lender asking for the termite report and 30 days pay stub from our employer. (We have that) Our loan officer using Iowa loan and using the bank flagstar. Can we make our estimate on closing by Feb 12-15?

    Expert realtor - thanks for the info, but we pass that already. We just want to know if we can make our closing estimate by feb 12 - 15 after resubmiting all the necessary files from our conditional loan which we all have and ready for tomorrow. We are first time buyer and stressing really bad since our landlord have a standby renter soon we move on our specified date ending our lease.

    Based on what you have advised you are purchasing as Pest Inspections are not required for refinances at least in CA. It really depends on the bank or lender. Is Flagstar a direct Iowa lender or are they sending it to VA? Either way you need to ask them how long from final approval to drawing documents and when your lock expires for your rate. If you haven't locked yet than your documents can't be drawn until that is done. I know my underwriters are at 3 days for re-submissions which is what we would consider yours. Re-submitted back to underwriting for final approval providing those conditions required are all submitted. Than we would draw documents within about 2 days. Here is what you need to ask your lender: 1) how long for approval and documents? 2) once documents are received at title and back to the bank how long for the bank to fund the loan? Honestly I know that we would close ontime but it would be tight but it would happen. I don't know much about Flagstar but I will tell you the timeline is tight. It sounds like your loan person is not very communicative so call and get the answers on a clear timeline to fund.

    Ok..you don't have a loan officer, what you have a is a mortgage broker, who is a "middle man" between you and Flagstar...who is the lender. He has a wholesale agreement with Flagstar who ultimately, approves and funds the loan...and will be who you make the payments to. Yes, Flagstar does Iowa loans...the Iowa does not approve loans...they guarantee a large portion of the loan, but the bank (Flagstar) gives the approval. Pest inspections ARE REQUIRED for Iowa loans...but YOU cannot pay for it...the seller does. ADDED: If you have received conditional approval, the you should have been provided a detailed list of what you were to give to the underwriter...as long as you met these requirements, your loan will get final approval. Final approval usually does not come until 2 or 3 days before closing, sometimes as late as the day before. Final approval does not take place until the file is 100% complete..that includes the completed appraisal and the title search. Your broker will be the best person to ask of the dates you have in mind for February are reasonable.

    You did not say if you are purchasing or refinancing. This is important because if you are refinancing then after you sign the loan documents, the you have the federal right of rescission period of 3 BUSINESS days before the lender can fund your loan. the rescission is commonly referred to in lay men's terms as the "cooling off period" - if you are refinancing your primary residence you are given/required actually to take the 3 days to decide if you really want to incur this debt on the place where you call your residence. This is a federal law - not a new one. If you are refinancing then you are going to have a close call on this one. If you are purchasing and their underwriting department is not backlogged horribly then you should be OK.

    If you have not signed any forms then they have no liability for anything,but since they are a bank and want your money, they will not turn you down because if you are going into college they most likely no that you have no credit because you are so young and what not

    Was wondering the same question

Credit Score Question?

  • Chandler Deckow
    Chandler Deckow
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  • Mathilde Grant
    Mathilde Grant
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  • Wendell Douglas
    Wendell Douglas
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  • Elwyn Wehner
    Elwyn Wehner
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  • Gonzalo Hickle
    Gonzalo Hickle
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  • Florida Robel
    Florida Robel
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