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Payday Loan in Iowa

    If you are looking to refinance the mortgages on the homes you own out of state there are three options: 1. Contact a broker who is licensed in the state the property is located in. 2. Contact a national lender like GMAC Mortgage, Bank of Americia, or Wells Fargo who can do loans in all 50 states. This may be the most efficient way if you own property in several different states. 3. Pull equity from your current primary residence (if possible) and pay off the other home(s). Make sure you check your options in a 30 day time frame. This will have the least impact to your credit score. ~Danke Schoen MrDankeSchoen@yahoo.com

    Yes. Is this for property that you own and wish to have one person handle all of your transactions? Or, are you thinking of becoming a loan officer, and you wish to be able to write business in multiple states? Either way, the answer is yes. Let me give you some additional information on the first, and then feel free to call me to discuss the second option. Not all lenders are created equal. Some lenders, (even ones who “seem small”), have a larger company who stands behind them with dozens, or even hundreds of loan programs. As a consumer, this is great news for you.The more loan programs there are to choose from, the better your chance will be to find one that fits your specific needs. Be on the lookout for lenders who only have a few loan programs and try to “size you up” to fit into one of their restricted loan program choices. Not Understanding the Difference between Banks and Lenders. You need to understand the difference between banks and individual mortgage originators. Banks handle savings accounts, car loans, investment accounts, etc… Mortgages are just one of many services they provide. We’re different because we only deal in mortgage loans. We sleep, eat, and breathe mortgage loans and nothing else. Would you go to a general physician to have heart surgery performed? Of course not. So why go to a big bank, when what you need is a Mortgage Expert? Believing that Lenders are your EnemyStudies show that most Americans would rather see their dentist than have an appointment with a Mortgage Expert. The likely reason is that they are afraid of rejection – afraid of the big bad loan officer who will stamp a big red NO on their application. This is far from reality. We don’t make any money unless we can say YES. As a matter of fact, we love to say YES to people just like you.When you talk to a loan officer at a bank, you are talking to someone who gets paid regardless of whether they can approve your loan or not. There is very little motivation for them to work hard to be able to say yes to you. Commissioned Mortgage Originators are different. We only get paid if we can say yes and approve your loan. So if you are nervous about applying because you think we’ll say no, you need to put your fears away and understand that we are here to help people like you get approved! Here is a website I think is great. They offer free information and reports about mortgages.

    If you're a mortgage person, you have to be licensed in the state the property is located in. If you're talking about refinancing property you own in another state, that's fairly simple: Talk to a loan officer licensed in that state.

    If you are looking for the lowest mortgage rates in Iowa I strongly recommend going to www.TheLowerLender.com they saved me thousands in interest.

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