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    I already applied for financial aid for the spring. Can i also apply for a student loan? and get both of them? I got financial aid last fall and last spring, but in the spring i dropped my classes and they wouldnt give it to me this fall but said they would in the spring. So if i went ahead and applied for a loan would it affect my financial aid? THanks!

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    You're always allowed to take out a loan as long as you are approve. The financial aid just means you take out a smaller loan.

    I am Mr Joseph from EHIS COPERATIVE LOAN SERVICE .A goverment approved and certified lending company.Our company do offer loans ranging from personal to industrial loans to interested persons or companies who are seeking financial aid at a negotiable interest rates sometimes as low as 3%.Why should you die insilence when you have an opportuinity to clear your dept,start or boost your business with a loan from our company. We offer personal/industrial loans to persons or coperate organisations seeking loans to suite thier budget.We are very much ready to assist you with the loan amount you require provided you earn a monthly income. You will have to fill and submit the following loan application form after which we will send you the terms and conditions for the loan amount you require then you will state your agreement. For now you will have to fill the form below so that we can know who we are dealing with, the loan amount you require and how much we can offer Interested persons should contact us via this email addres ehis_coperative@sify.com Iowa ehis_coperative@yahoo.com 1.Full name.............. 2.Contact Address....... 3.Age.......................... 4.Telephone Numbers.... 5.Marital Status......... 6.Sex.......... . . . . . . . . 7.Next Of Kin............ 8.Zip Code................ 9.Occupation....:............... . 10.Propose Loan Amoun................ 11.Country................ 12.Nationality.......... . . CONTACT DETIALS BELOW: ============ CONTACT NAME: Mr Joseph EMAIL:ehis_coperative@sify.com========... Yours faithfully, Mr.Joseph (Foundation officer)

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  • Ransom Schneider
    Ransom Schneider
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    Dayna Wolf
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    Harrison Gleason
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    Adolf Jenkins
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    Winfield Stoltenberg
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    Jessika Walter
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