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    All my loan options fell through, even though I have over $100,000 equity in my home, I have until 1/10/2007. I owe $12,410. I'm not able to get that amount of money, but I am able to make the monthly mortgage payments now. I got behind because of losing my job(career) of 10 years, due to corporate downsizing. Very devasting to me & my two sons, I could understand if it was because of something I did wrong, but I worked 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week, and gave my all to this company. Now I have a new job, and can make the monthly payments, but can't find a way to save my house. I have nowhere to go, I must keep my house, I worked my *** off for this house for the last 6 years, it means everything to me and my two sons. I tried talking to my lender, they want the $12,410 NOW,(BEFORE 1/10/07). Is there anything I can do? Anything to stop the auction to give me more time? Anywhere I can go for help? I'm open to ANYTHING to keep my home!!

    Yes, you do have answers. This is what I do for a living is deal with these circumstances so here you are. Sometimes the banks aren't willing to work with you but if you work with a professional mitigation team, they can usually work some amazing things. For example, they work the bank and workout so that your 12K you are behind is rolled into the payment for the next 6 months or so. Another option, there is something called a "Subject to". An investor can come in, payoff the 12K and then work something out with them, they get a portion of the 100K when you are able to refinance or something. Many options here. Short-sale. This option entails you losing the home but you might be able to work it so that you can get it back you will lose some of the 100K. Most likely half. Not the best option but better than foreclosure. My advice, get ahold of a mitigation specialist. They have phone numbers to lenders direct and can do amazing things. If you need more info I am available.

    Call a lawyer. Be willing to file wage earner bankruptcy if necessary. I assume you are in the united states. Call a lawyer and I believe everything will be ok. A lawyer will add his fee to the settlement. I find it difficult that a court would allow this to happen. By the way, with over 100k in equity the lender would love to have the house back. That is a huge windfall for them. If you are that far behind on your payments and are unable to get a loan with 100k in equity on a house then your credit is probably already shot so bankruptcy might not be such a bad idea.

    First, communicate with your lender in writting, you must establish a paper trail. Consider refinancing the loan. And of course, bankruptcy will stop the foreclosure. You sound like you have done the first three, and of course bankruptcy is the last resort. If you have $100.000 equity in your home, you can sell it fast and take a loss. That way you will not lose everything. But first. Why don't you try to find a lawyer who will take your case and instruct you in the best way to save your house. If you can make the monthly payments, there must be a way to save it. But you need to take legal action now. Please find a lawyer today.

    They can. Did you pay the arrears? It is not as if they modify and you just keep any payments that are over due. You will not get the hosue back after it is sold and a modifaction does not stop a foreclosure. You only modified your payments. A foreclosure means there are unpaid payments that you need to pay in order to stop the foreclosure. You had better call Monday and find out what you need to do, they will help you out,

    Call all of the lenders you can there has to be someone out there that can help and as a last resort talk with your boss, I wish you all the best. You can always accept some crazy high interest loan to just get this over with and then refinance as soon as possible after that.

    CALL CONSUMER CREDIT COUNSELING AGENCY ASAP!!! also, foreclosure depts can workout a 'forebearence' agreement with you to see if you can pay back the delinquent balance but your pmts will go up for the next 3mth-???....go to hud.gov and they can refer you to the nearest cccs counselor YOU'RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME....IF IT GETS LESS THAN 5 DAYS AWAY FROM YOUR SELL DATE AND THERE'S NOTHING ELSE Iowa THE PROCESS, FILE BANKRUPTCY WITH AN ATTY ASAP!!! that's almost suicide financially but trust me, the lender doesnt want to home back so u have options...go to your state atty generals website and hud.gov NOW and see what cccs and state info they have....

    Please call 516-535 5800 ext 239. My name is Jeff and my company is AFG. I will not be in the office till this afternoon but feel free to leave me message and if there is anything we can do my lawyers will take care of it.

    You are not the only one. There are going to be a ton of foreclosures this year. I sincerely wish the best of luck to you.

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