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Payday Loan in Iowa

    I pawned my car title 5 years ago for a loan of $1200 and after a year I lost my job--however I continued to pay the monthly payments which at the time i could afford, it started at 150 a month for 3 1/2 years and then it was dropped to 60 a month which i am paying because i can't afford a new car , but i have probably paid 10 times what the car cost which was $2000----i asked them to let me pay 500 and be done, but they said no...do i have any recourse? other than letting them take the car...someone told me once about a "fair lending act" but i can't seem to find anything to back me up----I know this is usury if ever there was, but if i stop paying i w lose the vehicle (which btw runs perfectly fine,) and i cant afford a new one as the job i have only pays 1/3 of what i used to make. CAN ANYONE GIVE Iowa ADVICE ON HOW TO GET RELEASED FROM THIS?? ANY LAWS THAT MIGHT REFER TO THIS WOULD BE APPRECIATED.

    Did you not read the contract before you signed it? I bet you didn't. It doesn't matter that you've lost your job and can't afford to pay it off, you still owe on the contractual agreement that YOU signed. It's not usury if you agreed to the terms in the contract. It's a fair business. You came to them to borrow money from them, they stated their requirements in order to lend you that money, you agreed to fulfill those requirements, if not, they can come get the collateral you put up for the loan. Cut and Dry, you would loose hands down. not only if you don't pay, and they come get the car, and sell it. If there is still money owed after the sale of the car, they will come after you for it in court, and you will be ordered to pay the agreed upon amount. There are only two ways out of this contract: 1. Pay it off A.S.A.P. and never do this again. 2. Let them have the collateral, take a hit on your credit, and be prepared to get sued. Those are your only choices. Stay away from Pay day loans, or buy here pay here places. The quickest way to run them out of business is by staying away from them. I'm not calling you names, but if your ignorant enough to use them, then you get what you asked for.


    About 8 months ago I got a payday loan for school with no issues at.Not sure what you guys are talking about paying it back in two weeks.I just checked the site the OP is talking about and you get a year to pay it back.

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