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    I had a previous bank account that had a $400.00 overdraft limit. I just recently got a new bank account that has a 0.00 overdraft limit. With the old bank account if I accidently went under it would charge me a $17.00 fee. I have recently made a purchase that may send my bank account under by a few dollars before monday. I do have the funds to cover it but it is in ComCheck where my paychecks go. I have to take the money out of that account and put it in my bank account each payday. I still have $30.00 in that Comcheck account but I won't be able to put it in the bank until monday and I am afraid the bank will have already taken the money out to cause me to go under before Monday when the bank opens again. I don't get this overdraft limit thing. If I had previous overdraft limit of $400.00 and they were still charging me if I went under what will they do if it is $0.00?? I mean this is silly when I have the funds to cover it. It is just a matter of getting the money to the bank and they are closed on Sundays.

    1) If you have on-line banking, do a wire transfer between your accounts so that you'll have the money in the one that's going into over-draft. The problem is that you made the purchase before the transfer deposit so you'll probably still have to pay. 2) It's not silly when you have the funds to cover it. You could have $20,000 under your mattress and another $50,000 in a tin can in your kitchen. The point is, you don't have enough money in your bank's checking account and that's all they care about. 3) An over-draft is basically a loan from your bank for which you will have to pay fees. If this is the first time it's happened, you can ask them to reverse the fee, but don't expect them to say yes, especially if it's a fairly new account. 4) You knew about the over-draft penalties when you signed up for the account and signed the paper-work. You knew when you made the purchase (or should have) that you were going into over-draft but did it anyway. You have to live by the rules, especially when you know them beforehand.

    Wow, two words, online banking. I thought everyone managed their accounts online now! Checks/debit cards don't usually clear your account on Sunday's. They may be processed by your local ACH/clearing house, but that data is then uploaded to your local bank's system, BY your local bank...still through tapes. And well, since they're not home on Sundays, things don't get processed. However, some banks rise extremely early on Monday it sometimes seems, so will often have their system current before they open. Bottom line is you will always get an overdraft penalty, so why ever do it? Idk but people do. Most banks require a minimum balance/above 0, but I doubt that means if it's 0 for a day there's a penalty. You are totally Iowa if the balance goes to Zero only. There's is nothing they can do, it's an honest balance to have. Anything above negative is legal and OK. Overdraft protection is between 2 or more of your own accounts, covering each other should you overdraw one. Over LIMIT protection means the bank has your back up to, in your case, $400.00 or doesn't have your back at all, zero limit protection. Usually to get any protection like you did with the four hun, they know you'll have a paycheck auto deposited or something and will pay up to a certain amount then suck it back out of the money they 'know' you'll have coming in again....but that can come with a fee too.

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    Jairo Quitzon
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