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    My friend who worked slightly more than me last year is getting 952 dollars as a refund. The year before she got around 800. One year I owed 36, and then last year I got 15 dollars back. Does it have something to do with being listed as a dependent of someone? Or is it purely about how much is taken out per paycheck? I'm pretty frustrated.

    Why are you frustrated? Unlike "everyone" you didn't make a huge interest free loan to the government. You're to be commended for that! Someone who got a $1,000 refund lent the government $20 per week out of their take home pay every week for the entire year. That's not very smart, if you ask me. You, on the other hand, had that $20 spot in your pocket on payday instead of waiting a whole year for it. Tax refunds are not some sort of bonus for working. It was your money all along, you just didn't have access to it while the government was holding it. It's no different from buying something for $5 and giving the cashier a $20. You get a $15 "refund." If the cashier told you that you'd have to wait a year for your change, you'd go postal and you know it! So, why then is it Kansas for the government to do the same thing. Even more insanely, why do people ENJOY being SCREWED that way?? Want a $5,000 refund next year? Fill out a new W-4 and tell your employer to withhold an extra $100 per week for taxes. Ba-Da-Bing! $5,200 refund! Of course, your take-home pay will be $100 per week less all year. Not a good idea? Didn't think so!

    It depends on how much you earned and how much you were taxed per paycheck. There are also all other sorts of ways to get extra money back (having children, a business, etc.). Do you do your own taxes? If so, maybe get someone else to help who knows what they are doing.

    There are many variables involved. However, I think you answered your own question: "Does it have something to do with being listed as a dependent of someone?" Change your tax return so you're NOT being claimed as a dependent on someone else's return, and you'll see your refund increase.

    While you purchased your place, did you shrink your tax withholding to account for the extra deductions and consequently extra effective your take domicile to help hide the loan fee? in case you probably did, it extremely is why your refund remains so low. while i bought my domicile, I replaced my withholding to account for the hot deductions. at the same time as my refund from twelve months to twelve months extra or less remained a similar, my take domicile extra effective by using over $a million,000 a month.

    Being a dependent has an effect, and also what you have taken out. And if your friend has kids, that could affect it.

    You did a better job with your W4. She gets it all at once. You get it spread across all your paychecks.

    Because you did a better job filling in your W4.

Obama & Democrats campaigned for change..& won by huge margins,clearly winning a big mandate? so where is it?

  • Ewell Dietrich
    Ewell Dietrich
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  • Luciano Rutherford
    Luciano Rutherford
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  • Juwan Rolfson
    Juwan Rolfson
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  • Raven Nienow
    Raven Nienow
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  • Leo Pagac
    Leo Pagac
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