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Payday Loan in Kansas

    I got this letter telling me I can get up to 1000 dollars in an advance from my income taxes. I looked at the site and it didnt tell me how much the interest rate is on this Loan. Has anyone gotten one? What is the interest rate on up to 1000 dollars? this sounds too good to be true so it must be killer on interest you have to pay them. Please let me know.

    Available to New and Prior Tax Clients Through H&R Block Tax Offices You could get up to $1,000 with the H&R Block Emerald Advance line of credit.* Use it for emergencies, car repairs, bills and other short-term needs. The Emerald Advance is part of a suite of year-round banking products, including the H&R Block Emerald Prepaid MasterCard® and H&R Block Emerald Savings™ account.** One suite of products, so many possibilities ... What do I need to apply? 1. Come to your participating H&R Block tax office to apply today 2. Bring these items with you: * Earnings statement (e.g., pay stub or other statement of recurring income) * Adequate personal identification (e.g., current driver's license or government-issued I.D. card with photo) Benefits of the Emerald Advance * Access your transferred funds with the H&R Block Emerald Card™ * Ability to pay down the balance on the line of credit with a portion of your tax refund * Significantly lower fees than payday lenders * Get an Emerald Savings account when you open a line of credit and access your line of credit year-round Maintain your Emerald Advance year-round with one of these options: 1. Make a deposit to your Emerald Savings account (minimum $300, maximum $1,000); Kansas 2. Establish payroll direct deposit to your H&R Block Emerald Card Locate an office near you or call 1-800-HRBLOCK for more information

    H&R block provide the cards with more benefits. It load the refunds of it. It is a good and provide the various facility. More detail -

When I was applying for a car loan I had a credit history of about 1 year and 4 months...?

  • Marguerite Kub
    Marguerite Kub
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  • Mallory Cummings
    Mallory Cummings
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  • Kade Ritchie
    Kade Ritchie
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  • Ernie Hammes
    Ernie Hammes
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