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    A multi-faceted and rather amazing success...Yes, I do consider President Obama's two years and ten months in office to be highly beneficial for this nation, for the American people, and even for the world. The achievements are far too numerous to list in this limited forum. However, if you make full use of the whitehouse.gov and recovery.gov websites plus politifact.com's Obameter, the JibJab parody that turned out to be a vast understatement for what was facing President Obama when he first took office, and then cnn.com/healthcare, you too should be amazed at the many accomplishments even in the face of inexplicable far-right-wing hostilities and sabotage at every turn. A few of the positives: Lily Ledbetter Act first week in office; the $787 billion Recovery and Reinvestment Act that was divided into a two-year distribution to successfully reverse the GOP-caused Great Recession's downward spiral of GOP-caused hemorrhaging (see Reuters, Washington Post, Bloomberg News, Forbes, AP articles or go to recovery.gov to see dollar-for-dollar how the money was used by each state). The New START Nuclear Nonproliferation Agreement with Russia and then the follow-up 46-nation Nuclear Materials SUMMIT held by and hosted by President Obama in Washington Kansas where he was able to convince other nations to give the U.S. their poorly stored weapons-grade nuclear materials rather than have these materials fall into black-market or terrorists' hands. Reducing the DEFICIT by 8% in the first months of 2010 thanks to legislation sponsored by my state's Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and pushed by President Obama to LIMIT the Bush-bailout-bankers' annual salaries to a "mere" $500,000 per year until they had PAID US BACK for the bailouts Kansas FULL and WITH INTEREST. Not even one Republican voted for this wise legislation, but Democrats passed it, President Obama signed it into law, and "suddenly" 14 of the 419 banks the Bush/Cheney people bailed out came up with $181 BILLION by December 2009---dollars that were applied to a DEFICIT PAYDOWN (see articles in Reuters and Washington Post, or MSNBC reports)! There were tax cuts for 95% of working Americans making less than $250,000 a year which began April 1, 2009---giving a bit more spending money each payday to working families that could help GROW the GOP-shrunken economy. For more than 20 months straight, we've had private-sector JOBS growth thanks to Obama's wise fiscal policies, which is a far sight better than the 800,000 jobs HEMORRHAGED each month in late 2008 and the first part of 2009! The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act plus its supplemental Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act signed March 30, 2010 that allows direct loans through the Department of Education, among other benefits. See? Too many good things to list here, but each innovative change is discussed on the whitehouse.gov website. Note: There are more than 40 states with new or refurbished MANUFACTURING PLANTS in operation thanks to the Recovery Act ("stimulus") dollars that make renewable energy resources that have the potential for making the U.S. a WORLD LEADER in the manufacturing and global marketing of alternative energy products. Not bad for less than three years in office and confronted by ornery anti-Obama-anything far-right-wingers, I'd say.

    Barack has supported all of the gains made by this country in the last 60 years. He's in favor of moving forward in developing 21st century power generation and phasing out 19th century power generation. He's supported women's, gay and labor rights and has expressed a desire to aid the thousands of veterans of our two wars...wars that he's currently winding down. Barack understands that the 20th century HEALTH INSURANCE business plan isn't going to work in the 21st century. Since the 1950's HEALTH CARE has advanced into what back then would have been considered science fiction. Today we have cures and treatments that have never existed before in the history of the world...but they are expensive. So expensive that ANY private insurance that an ordinary American might need would be far too expensive to buy. Barack also understands that most of our physical infrastructure is now 50 to 100 years old and needs immediate replacement. Our entire future depends on rapidly getting this work done. The money is there, the labor is there, the need is there and yet for some reason the congress isn't there. Barack understands that banks require oversight. We can argue about what form that oversight should take, but we've seen what lack of oversight can do to an economy. Barack sees that all of the above can be done with only a small increase in the taxes paid by the very wealthy...the same tax situation as in the Clinton administration.... which was a reasonably prosperous time with a very low unemployment rate. The current GOP/Tea/Fox/Jesus party is opposed to ALL of the above and has stood in the way of any progress. If Barack IS re-elected he'll be able to accomplish much more because he'll be able to apply the power of his office far more aggressively. Should the reactionaries of the right prevail this country will fall back to an economy much like that of the 1930's...without the New Deal. What a bummer that will be!

    Without a doubt Stopped a reccession from turning into a depression Ended the war in Iraq killed Bin Laden Brought back the American automobile industry Reformed healthcare Resided over a rebellion in the Muslim world thata brought down several dicators without the loss of a single American life.

    Eh, that is my answer. I like policies that he has done, like the PPACA(obamacare), the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, he raised fuel standards for cars, he expanded pell grants, made crimes against sexual orientation included as hate crime, ect. That is just of the top of my head. I don't like the fact that his stimulus and jobs plan are mostly tax cuts, we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan, he hasn't made a progressive tax plan, ect.

    The only thing successful about his presidency was the unification of America to throw this bum out of office. Otherwise, obama's nation is a complete and utter failure. However, obama isn't the only one to blame. I'd like to extend the blame to the media that try to keep us uninformed. How many networks are covering this "Fast and Furious" scandal? Addition: Don't forget about the two "justices" that he appointed to the supreme court. They both said NO to the second amendment.

    Yes. Saved us from a depression Reversed massiv job loss trends Passed better healthcare legislation for everyone Bin Laden Dead Al Qeada slowly being destoyed Ghadafy Dead Iraq War ending this year More here:

    Partially Over Seas he has done a great Job . Here in the US I think that he has learned the Hard way that there is No negotiation possible when it comes to Republicans in office . They are thick as a brink and do not play well with others .

    Yes, he has made tremendous progress in what he wants to do: destroy the country! This is however, why he should NOT be re-elected.

    I suppose that would depend on who you ask. To the progressive, liberal, globalist? They probably think so, but to the 53% of hard working Americans who contribute their fair share and are now supporting the 47% who don't, then not so much.

    The only thing Obama has really been successful at is shown the people of this country what can happen if you don't pay attention to whom you are voting for.

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