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    So I'm at an awkward point in my career... I graduated with a bachelor's in biology, originally intending to go to medical school. My junior year of college, however, I decided the prospect of medical school was extremely daunting. Being a physician is a huge responsibility, obviously, and I just wasn't 100% sure that I was up for the challenge. I didn't want to pour myself into such an intense career without being completely sure that I was making the right decision. After graduation, I tried my hand at some internships (science writing, sales etc.) but I really missed hands on science. Biology is kind of a stepping stone degree, so once I realized I didn't have any stones in sight I decided to go back to school. I read about a degree in clinical laboratory science and it seemed perfect for me. I love science, I had the the majority of the pre-reqs covered, and I knew CLS's were in pretty high demand in my area. I finished my clinicals and was hired immediately into a reference lab where I work in hematology. So fast forward three years later. I am seriously bored with my job. I feel like a machine - process samples, load samples on analyzer, count 100 cells. Repeat times a million. Yes I get the occasional fascinating case, but I count 100 cells and then send it to the pathologists who get to do the fun work of interpreting the results. I've gotten about a 50 cent raise each year... My friends in other professions are moving up, making more money.... and I am bored as hell and making not quite a dollar fifity more than I was making when I was hired. And the only way to make more is to go into lab management.... in which you pretty much are in charge of ordering, setting up statistics on the analyzers, dealing with cranky clients, and money issues (am I right here? Because that's what it seems like my managers do...). There's not much science or bench involvement with management. I went to school for this because I love science, not because I want to go in to business management. I'm just so frustrated because while life isn't about the paycheck, I would like to be in a career where I feel like I am able to advance and make more money further down the road. I feel like I have hit a huge dead end. I have thought about taking a job in blood bank or micro for a change, but really it comes down to the same problem... The only way to make money is to head up to management. I feel like the only way to advance in my field but keep the hands on science aspect is to become a pathologist. I think I would actually really like this... and I would definitely get the challenge I'm looking for. However, it's four years of school, plus a residency... And I'm 27, engaged , already paying off student loans and would like to have children before I'm 40. Is it worth it? So all that being said... What are some career options for me? Options where I can actually earn some money? I love science. I have a background in both CLS and biology. I am definitely a "behind the scenes" type of person. I'm not totally averse to patient contact, but I definitely prefer working with science and concepts than people. I know I would not enjoy nursing. I don't know much about research, but I am open to it (just extremely confused as to how to get your foot in the door). I love school and have a very competitive GPA. Does medical school sound right for me? Any advice would be helpful, especially from any MD's out there. Sorry for the whiny post, I'm just really looking for a career where I not only have upward mobility, but where I can be challenged on a daily basis. I hear the women I work with tell me how much they hate their jobs every day and it's depressing. I'm too young to hate my career choice! Time for a change!

    If you are easily bored, you aren't going to be happy anywhere. I see excuse after excuse here and a desire to be entertained. It just doesn't work like that. To even get into med school, you are going to have to go back and complete PreMed. You'll need to contact med schools and see if they have a time frame afterwhich PreMed classwork lapses (if you took Chem 7 years ago but the school only recognizes classwork from within the last 5 years). You'll also have to MCAT prep and take the MCAT. I hate to tell ya, but even being a physician is 75% doing similar things over and over and over. It's not House. It's not ER. It's not Grey's Anatomy. I know you know this, but it's necessary to emphasize HOW MUCH it's not. When most of your cases are bread and butter, you can get frustrated and bored. As an MD, you'll hear on a daily basis how ill people are, how much they hate their jobs, and how much they are in pain (even when they aren't or shouldn't be). You'll deal with the 300lb patient who you've spent the last year telling she's going to lose her leg unless she drops 100 lbs, and there she is in your office with osteomylitis and needing a BK Amputation. Ugh, and should I even get into the paperwork? Some physicians take 1-2 hours *a day* just doing housekeeping paperwork. MD/DO/DPM is terminus. You do not advance unless you go into management. I'm not trying to discourage you, but I think it's necessary to give some perspective. Getting a medical degree isn't going to fill the voids that you have. I suspect a deeper issue with restlessness and indecision, something that should probably be addressed with psychotherapy. If you really want to become a physician, I encourage you to do it and wish you nothing but success.

    The best way to find out if being an Kansas is right for you is to shadow a Physician and do some research. Clinical Medicine is one thing but there are also opportunities in Research as well. I.e. Pharmaceutical Research, Academic Research etc. Bottom line OBSERVE There is also Public Health. Public Health includes areas such as, BioStatisctics, or Epidemiology a field I think might be of high interest to you. Hope that helped :)

    You have got to do what feels right to you. Your moms and dads mean well, but their lifestyles will not be yours. It's on no account too late to go to college simply as long as you're employed hard and do not stop. You must particularly look into the medical colleges in Guadalajara, Mexico. I are living right here now and quite adore it. I come throughout so many american citizens which can be in med tuition here and it is affordable. One of the top universities are here and they are approved by using the states. Now not only will you learn an extra language however you're going to also be getting a pleasant expertise. Many med students here have just right luck getting jobs in the states once they leave here. Ironically, Jalisco (the state that Guadalajara is in) has an awfully high quantity of cleft and palate issues. I might definetly appear at the possibilities. Just right luck and consider that you are in command of your possess existence and ought to do what makes you comfortable.

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