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    Me and my husband are in debt, we are 20 yrs old and we both work from home. He works full time, I am part time. We owe alot of people right now and we are trying to figure out what would be the best thing for us to do, as in paying these people off...!! We owe Wachovia about $200.00, we had to break our lease from our apartment complex last yr due to rat infestation (yea gross) and it was the whole entire apartment complex. We wish we would have done something else besides break our lease because now they are charging us $2500. We also took out a payday loan a couple of weeks ago for $300 (with e-payday-loan.com (NEVER go to them..they charge ridiculous 'interest rates). The fiance charge was supposed to be $90, but they are taking out $90 plus we still owe the $390. On Friday they took $90 out of our bank acct, and we had another payday loan due for $346 which we couldn't pay back because we didn't have enough funds, and the bank covered it now we are negative in the bank (it's w/Bank Of America). And on top of that we owe Advance America about $460.00). Which they are kinda sort helping us out. We need help and would appreciate Honest help...no scams please. I will make sure I choose best answers!! Thank u

    As far as your payday loan situations a little bit more information is needed. What state do you reside in? Laws differ from state to state on them and the rules and regulations. The first thing that I would do however is pay your bank back the $200 that you owe them, then tell them that your bank account has been compromised and you want to close that account and open a new one with a new account number, this way none of the payday loan companies can just dip into your account. Most of your payday loan companies need to inform you of the local laws before they loan to you, in most states you can't have more than two payday loans out at once and they can't exceed a certain amount, $500, out at once in most cases. Here are the laws for your state: Florida Payday Loan Laws State Legal Status Lending of payday loan is considered legal in the State of Florida. Loan Specifications Maximun Amount of Loan - $500 Term of Loan - 7 to 31 days Maximum Rate of Finance and Fees- 10% + Fees for verification Finance Charge on $100 loan for a 14 day period - $15 APR for $100 loan for a 14 day period - 390% Debt Limits Maximum Number of outstanding loans permitted at a time - 1 Permissible number of Rollovers - None (Rollover cannot be done) Cooling-off Period - 24 hours Repayment Plan - Yes Limits of Collection Collection Fees Amount - a) All charges imposed by any financial institution on the lender; b) Lender is not entitled to increase damages threefold Criminal Action - Prohibited File your Complaint and get Information Regulator - Florida Office of Financial Regulation Address - Division of Securities and Finance, 200 E. Gaines Street Tallahassee Kansas 32399 Phone - (850) 410-9805 Fax - (850) 410-9748 So as you can see they aren't suppose to lend you more than $500 out at a time, that is total . They are also not suppose to lend to you if you have 1 already out. First thing you need to do is pay back your bank and close that account before the payday loan company tries to hit your account again. If you don't they will continue to try to get there money and your bank will continue to rack up there fees and this could end up costing you alot more. Then file a complaint against the rest of them. I hope this information is helpful.

    First of all... ditch bank of america.. they have a fee for everything and you will always be paying them for something!! i know they got me too! Second of all, contact an attorney who will do a free phone consultation about the apartment with rats, that has to be a health code violation and they should be paying you for your troubles!!! Next do not borrow anymore money for anything. Call everyone you owe and tell them you woul dlike to set up some type of re-payment plan that will work for you! Do not let them pressure you and only commit to what you can pay. If that is only $10 a week, then that's what it is. They better be happy to get anything from you in this economy.... Lastly, relax... the debt you are experiencing seems big to you now, but it is peanuts compared to what you will face in the future! Get a handle on this, then set yourself up in a savings plan... pay yourself first and you will always have a back up plan and money

    That landlord is out of line. Go here and find some free legal advice.

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