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    Hello: I am wondering if anyone knows or has any suggestions on what to do.........to sum it up I have just noticed that the exemptions for Kansas State Income tax were incorrect for this year (2009) according to my paycheck stub. I completed a new W-4 Form a couple of months back, however I did not know that this changes your federal exemptions and not state unless you specify it as the W-4 form is used for both federal and state. I noticed on my last paycheck stub that not enough taxes have been taken out. I called the state of Kansas and was told that to catch up I need to have $400 dollars taken out per month for the next three months, or pay a penalty when I file taxes and then I would owe money to the state. I am paid weekly and this amount would equal 1.5 paychecks. I can't afford to pay this amount now, nor can I afford to pay it come income tax time, due to rent, utility bills, and student loans. When I do the math I would be making $7.33 per hour barely enough to cover the rent let alone anything else. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thank you in advance.

    Sorry, but you owe it - if you don't catch up before you file, they'll add on penalties, and if you don't pay then either, will continue to add interest and will also take futue federal and state refunds until it's paid, and maybe also come after other money you make or have. You don't have a choice on this.

    If the Kansas calculations are accurate, you only have 2 choices. 1. Do nothing and owe at tax time, with an extra penalty for failure to make estimated tax payments. While you can get a payment plan, that too will have interest and penalties. 2. Change the withholding as much as you can for the rest of the year. If you can do the full $400, you can start next year with a smile. If you can't, do as much as you can. Hint, for $7.33 an hour, it's hard to know what you'll owe. I would get out last year's Kansas tax return, subtitute the 2009 numbers and see what the actual damage is likely to be.

    Visit IRS website www.irs.gov and use the withholding calculator to find out how many you can claim on your W4, provide your employer with a new W4 to have the amount you want withheld from your paycheck, On the W4 it is okay if you are married and want the withholding a single. The main thing is to have taxes withheld where you would owe IRS at the time of filing or due a hugh refund. If you are due a refund you are screwing yourself from each paycheck, because you could be bringing home more. PS if you just recently got married make sure you have changed your name with the social security office, IRS matches your name with the SS office when you file your tax return if not matching then it will delay processing of your tax return.

So, how much is a good amount to move out with?

  • Nikki Howell
    Nikki Howell
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