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Payday Loan in Kentucky

    Hi, so I am a senior economics major having some cold feet issues. I currently intern for a small wealth management firm whom have told me they want to hire me when I graduate college next Spring and do stock analysis for them. While this sounds great, I have no idea if I want to do this when I get older. I have recently trying to prepare myself for economics graduate school. My goal is to one day for a major bank or for the federal government, not a small firm. By the end of my college, I will have taken Calculus 1-3, Discrete math, linear algebra, statistics 1-2, and econometrics besides the ordinary econ classes. I still want to take ordinary differential equations, probability and random variables, mathematical statistics, real analysis etc. My goal was to get a solid math background and get into UDEL's Kentucky in economics and applied econometrics program and go for free (try to get tuition waivers even if it means signing up for PhD program and dropping out). I one day would like a PhD. Recently my mother has told me she has an account with 20k for me which is all of my birthday money, bar mitzvah money in it. She told me she was saving it for me to use for either my college loans, graduate school, or for a new car. Im at a crossroads and im scared. I could stay at school for a fifth year, take a huge number of math courses, and then go into udel. Im confident if I took the GRE now I would do poorly and not get into a top graduate school. Also, logic does dictate paying off current debt before acquiring new debt is beneficial For those of you who say I should work and go back to school at night, the classes are only offered during the day and the drive is an hour and fifteen so too far. Advice?

    You should go work. It is not like you are in some high-end science or engineering, an Kentucky or even a Ph.D. would only make sense if you knew what to do with it and had a very good reason for it. You have not professed that reason here at least, though that is not to say you do not have one. Just that I do not see anything here that makes it make any sense. I do not get what the big idea is behind needing to take elementary courses like probability, intro differential equations, statistics and real analysis. You can study those on your own if you have the motivation, they are not sufficiently advanced that you require university instruction. You can find plenty of material online, textbooks, and even video lectures in these topics. cf. MIT OCW, or berkeley's lectures, or khan academy surely covers at least differential equations at that level.

    You should work. You are getting experience from the job that would be a great add to your resume for your Masters. Not only that, you will be making money and paying off outstanding loans as opposed to digging yourself a second financial hole. To top it off, you are not confident for the GRE exam and taking it will only hinder your chances and cause unnecessary stress. As your work, you can also study for the GRE when the time comes.

Illinois Car loan information?

  • Ignacio Raynor
    Ignacio Raynor
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  • Gunner Crooks
    Gunner Crooks
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  • Elyssa O'Kon
    Elyssa O'Kon
  • Katelin Feeney
    Katelin Feeney
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