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    Freshman year schedule Algebra 1 part 1, spanish I ,Art I,pre ap world,pe 1,biology, english 9 extra curricular: Spring crew (rowing) gpa: 4.0 Sophomore year (grade i'm in now) Algebra I, Spanish II, AP world, pre ap english 10, Adv. earth science, pe II, creative writing I extracurriculars: Key club,NHS, Cross country, maybe model UN and will be rowing again in the spring gpa so far 3.7 weighted 3.6 unweighted will take geometry over the summer Junior year (prediction schedule) AP english 11, Spanish III, Algebra II, creative writing II, chemistry, AP U.S. history, AP economics or AP computer science I plan to do all of my previous EC's again and maybe Spanish Honor Society and literary magazine staff. Senior year. AP english 12, functions/trig, spanish IV, AP psychology, AP physics, AP gov and politics ( I would take AP euro but my school doesn't offer it) and Journalism By the time i graduate i should have 29 credits. My school's advanced diploma requirement is 24 Other info: I've had two summer jobs, numerous of undocumented hours of service at my church and have received an academic excellence award.

    I think you should look at public universities in your home state. The reason I say this is that with your track record they will be the most likely to offer you huge scholarships. Especially in these hard economic times it would be best for you to go to a good university that can offer you a great education at a low cost. Most states have several universities with great reputations. If you can avoid taking out big loans do it. I have several friends who had similar grades and they all went to out of state public universities or over priced private schools. Most of them got scholarships, but they still had to pay for part of their tuition, their room and board, and their travel expenses. Many of these friends are 50+ thousand dollars in debt and cannot find decent paying jobs. So be smart about which school you pick. If I were you I would request information from several schools and go to visit them. You can also make appointments to speak with representatives from these schools that can give you more information about the programs you might be interested in. I hope this information helps good luck with school! I am sure you will do very well you seem to be a smart kid!

    I truly could function my 2 cents. first of all, sailors are going to strive against zones universal, it truly is termed the Kentucky software, or human being advance. All branches have boots contained in the sand lately, very few more suitable than others. rigidity college, no remember what branch he is going into, your probability is a lot wider and larger worthwhile. If college is out of the question, then connect and initiate using for school. i recognize many friends, myself coated that are in college and or have achieved college on the protection force dime. loose preparation! it fairly is a no-brainer. all of it truly relies upon entirely on what your son needs to do contained in the destiny. maximum occupation protection force human beings by no potential anticipated themselves at 18 or 19 being a occupation protection force human being, so do not sweat that. purely get into something it fairly is thrilling, and something that has a destiny. yet even with this, even squaddies are perfect to the interest marketplace lately. solid success, and do not signal something until eventually you've what he needs!

Where would sold investments go in a T-accounts, for accounting?

  • Loraine Gleason
    Loraine Gleason
    Place before 's sales investment, , require find it the links said that financial investment equivalent amount in see general ledger. and then you sold off it. the right accounts receivable power of attorney the clearance it. a doctor cash $1,000 cr the expenditures (at cost) , to ensure that the costs can be $1,000, you were n't you you gotta more complete entry. case in costs will be $800, the house many other coming in cr even the reduction of invest more $200 though the costs costs $1,200, not even even more , which entered dr tang deficit of has had overseas investment $200 if only we an opinion dividends, you anyway honourable member fresh fruit no. 30 cr the earnings liable to pay damn it ! , you know wage moderation them, the european parliament dr the consequences a payment dammit ! cr cash xxx late in the year, profits 's plans shut down of yourself stick to it earnings.