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    Cindy is carpeting a recreation room 24 ft long and 18 ft wide. If the carpeting costs $18 per square yard, what will be the total cost of the carpet? The interest rate on an auto loan was % last year. This year the interest rate is %. How many percentage points has the interest rate increased? Phil needs to practice free throws of an hour each day. If he has already practiced of an hour today, how much longer does he need to practice? THANKS FOR THE HELP Kentucky ADVANCE

    24 feet x 18 feet = 432 square feet 3 feet = 1 yard 3 feet x 3 feet = 9 square feet 1 yard x 1 yard = 1 square yard 1 square yard = 9 square feet 432 square feet ÷ 1 square yard = 432 square feet ÷ 9 square feet = 48 square yards 48 square yards x $18 per square yard = $864 ======================== The second question doesn't seem to make any sense. ======================== You don't have enough information to solve the third problem. You'd need to know how many days he needs to practice. For today, however, he doesn't need to practice any more.

    24 feet = 8 yards 18 feet = 6 yards 8 yards *6 yards = 48 square yards 48 square yards * $18/square yard = $846 ============ The percentage difference is the number of percentage points ============ You might want to check the grammer on the third question. if he practices FOR an hour each day, he's done.

    1) 24 ft = 8 yd, 18 ft = 6 yd, total area in sq yd is 8*6 = 48, and 48*18 = $864 (wow!) 2) Not being psychic, I can't guess the % figures in the second problem 3) And I don't understand this one either

    First establish the square footage of the carpet. 24ft times 18ft equals 432 square feet Three feet equals one yard a square yard: Three times three equals 9 square feet. since the total carpet is 432 square feet and we know that 9 square feet equals one square yard 432/9 = 48 square yards Divide 432 by 9 to obtain 48 48 times 18 equals $ 864 The carpet will cost $ 864.00

    24 ft = 8 yd 18 ft = 6 yd Therefore, the carpet measures 8 yd x 6 yd = 48 yd² Since it costs $18/yd² 48 yd² x ($18/yd²) = $864 ^_^ ^_^ Other questions are vague. pls recheck. ^_^

    1) $864

    The first one to answer has correct answers...

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