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    1. A car traveled 93 miles in 1 1/2 hours. If the car continues at the same rate, how many miles will it travel in 3 1/2 hours? A. 17.7 miles B. 62 miles C. 217 miles D. 325.5 miles 2. The scale on a map of Pennsylvania is 1 in = 50 miles. A student measured the distance from Pittsburgh, Kentucky to Philadelphia, Kentucky as 6.08 inches. What is the distance between these two cities? A. 304 miles B. 300 miles C. 608 miles D. 600 miles 3. Morgan borrowed $28,000 at a 3% interest rate for ten years. What was the total interest paid back by Morgan on the loan? A. $8400 B. $840,000 C. $868,000 D. $36,400 please help, thanks in advance~

    1. The speed (s) the car is going is equal to the distance (d) over time (t): s=d/t That means the speed for the car is s=(93 miles)/(1.5 hr) s=62 miles per hour The question states it is going at a constant rate, or speed. Rearrange the above equation to solve for distance (multiply both sides by t). d=s*t d=(62 mph)*(3.5 hr) d=217 miles (C.) 2. You can set this problem up as a proportion. (X)/(6.08 inches)=(50 miles)/(1 inch) Cross-multiply and solve for X. (X)*(1 inch)=(50 miles)*(6.08 inches) X=304 miles(A.) 3. If this is a simple interest rate problem, then you would use the equation I=P*R*T to solve for interest(I). P stands for the principal amount:$28,0000. R is the interest rate:0.03(3%). T is time(10) I=P*R*T I=($28,000)*(0.03)*(10) I=$8,400 (A.)

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