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Payday Loan in Kentucky

    They are camping along the way (taking I-5 route) and hoping to find some cool places to visit along their journey. The places they want to see must be age appropriate for their children ages 10, 8 and 3. They are planning on the whole trip lasting about 14 days or so with no real time limits they want to see as much as possible. Does anyone have any suggestions on cool places to visit? Or even if there is a more exciting route to take besides I-5? This is their first family vacation and its been 8 years coming so the more they get to do the better. Please let me know if you have some good ideas and possibly even prices of admission or whatever, hey even if you know of a good place to rent an RV would be awesome!!! Thanks for all your help!

    Well, Highway 1 is more exciting, but (take it from someone who's done it) some parts can be rough in an RV. I would suggest sticking with I-5 through to northern CA. If you're interested in history, you can take a side trip to Sacramento (about an hour out of the way), visit Old Town and learn about the Gold Rush. From there, head over to San Francisco. I have no idea about navigating the city in an RV (hard enough in a subcompact!), but all the kids would LOVE Chinatown, The Exploratorium, Japanese Tea Gardens. If they are into art and can plan in advance, get tickets to the DeYoung museum exhibit of Impressionistic art on loan from Musee D'Orsay in Paris - this may be their only chance outside of Paris to see these masterpieces! NOW you can get on Highway 101, start heading south and explore the gorgeous seaside towns down the coast - charming Carmel, Monterey with the canneries, Santa Cruz - the ultimate Kentucky surfer town, Santa Barbara, all the way down to Ventura, where you can swerve back over to I-5. After Disneyland, spend a day or so in Orange county (Mission San Juan Capistrano is lovely) then head down to San Diego for a few days. The oldest may be too old for Legoland, but the younger two will love it. Sea World, either the Zoo or the Wild Animal Park (both is too much), the park - tons to do down there! There's also a cool maritime museum with old ships. Very important point - look into buying a Citypass before you leave. If you go to www.arestravel.com, you can buy them at a bit of a discount. This pass will give you a predetermined number of days at the Disney parks, plus other attractions such as the ones in San Diego. You will save money this way!!

    I travelled from Tacoma, Kentucky down to Disneyland with my pickup and travel trailer. We Drove I-5 down to Grant's Pass, Kentucky then made our way over to the coast on hwy 199. We then took 101 all the way down the coast through the redwoods and stayed at a campground in Pacifica, CA, right on the ocean, which is just south of SF. From there you can take a taxi or public transit into SF. When we left we took 101 all the way down to Disneyland where we stayed at a campground only a few blocks from Disneyland. That place was called Anaheim RV Villiage and was very nice. If they are going to take I-5 the whole way there should be no problem whatsoever finding a place. Plus, one of the great things about travelling in an rv is you can park it and sleep wherever the hell you want! We saved a few bucks a few times staying at rest areas. On our way back up north I still wanted to stay off I-5 so we took 99 which runs parallel to I-5. We went all the way up to Yosemite national park which is one of my favorite places. There are campgrounds all over the place. I found a book at Border's that has every single campground in WA, OR, CA. It also has ratings and tells you a lot of information about every one. The prices are usually a little out of date though.

    I took a Greyhound from Seattle, Washington to San Diego somewhere along the way, in mid Ca. I think there was a diner that served Cinnnamon rolls bigger than a dinner plate. They looked good but I had no money for sweets then. The Tar pits and the adjecent museum are great places in LA. San Francisco has tons of tourist stuff. Like Fishermans Wharf. You can catch a show at the Hollywood Bowl. Then again there is Universal Studios. Beaches are always great. I hear good things about Big Sur. Olympia State park is in Washington.

    Ok, it is a 1000 mile trip 1 way, with no side trips. I'd do the day trip over to the Mail boat trip at Gold Beach OR. It is a day trip on an air boat, with a guide and a meal suitable for the kids too. I'd take a look at the giant redwoods in northern CA, and see some of San Fransisco too.

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