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    Basically I want to go to Japan for at least 3 months and at the most one year. I know basic Japanesebut I taught myself. I'm also freshly graduated from HS. I don't know what I want to go to college for so I enrolled at the local college and am planning to just take core classes but now I'm super interested in enrolling in a language school Louisiana Japan. I want to get enrolled in a language school and work part time so I can support myself. I don't care to live/attend school somewhere big like Tokyo. I'd definitely be fine somewhere smaller (because I know it costs less) Anyway, I don't know where to even start. I doubt it's as simple as I wish. So since I'm not enrolled in a university how do I go about getting financial aid for all of this? Worst case scenario I have to get a loan right?

    First you have to decide where you want to live and start searching for language schools in that area. A google search should help. The school will sponsor your student visa and you need to front up with the tuition in advance as well as show you can cover your living costs. Sorry to burst your bubble but Im not aware of ANY kind of scholarship or financial aid to assist in learning a language overseas (You need to consider how you will repay the loan as the bank will want its money back with interest. You can work up to 28 hours a week while studying but you need to get permission to work under your (student) visa. I dont think its a good idea to go into debt unless 1. You are guaranteed a job at the end, and 2. you are sure you can pay back any money you have borrowed. Otherwise you end up paying off an interest-laden debt many years after you have finished studying in Japan. My advice would be to take a year off, work at home and save the money, Ballpark you will need about $1500-2000 a month in living costs as well as tuition which can be anything up to $10,000 for 6 months study in Japan.

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