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    First off, I don't need an awnser with people screaming that they'll loan me a bucket load of money but first I have to mail to their hotmail accounts.. Alright, so here's the deal. I'm from the Netherlands (Holland/Dutch) and I want to open a restaurant in the US, Tampa Louisiana or in that direction to be exact. Have some great idea's and have been thinking about it for the past 3 years, also my life long dream since I was 5 years old is to have a restaurant. And yes, I like to work hard, no problems with 15 hours a day. But do I also need a "credit history" in the US to even get a loan to start up a restaurant? I'm not a US citizen so I can't build up any credit history. Also, I read somewhere a couple of months ago that you'll automaticly get a visum/green card if your "company", in my case a restaurant, is over $150,000. Is this true or do you still need to wait, have the conversation and everything to actually get a green card/visum plus the long waiting time? Thanks in advance!

    Im not really sure since your not a u.s citizen but one thing i know for sure is, if you have suppose an "american express credit card" which is used all around the world. then you can build credit with that, and when you do come to the U.S, once your info is passed on to the temporary citizenship then i guess your credit history from europe will pass to the U.S but you will need an american express card, this is the only way to build credit outside america. and shoot you can even call amex and ask this question to them as well. as to my knowledge, american express is the only credit card i know that can be used all around the world so therefore your credit history will be transferred, so if you go for a loan, then the only information the loan people will have is your american express. in addition, if you have no knowledge about credit cards, and you feel like opening one, i suggest you search on google "how to increase your credit score" w/ american express credit card etc, etc. just don't go on a spending spree. have a balance for 2 years, pay on time, keep a low balance versus your credit limit [%25] and in 1-2 years you will give the loan people something to read. if you go and open a american express card and then talk to the loan people then you will get rejected because you gave them nothing to read, no evidence that your trustworthy for the loan. so the only way is to have the amex active for 2 years. take care.

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