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Payday Loan in Louisiana

    Hi all , Long story short , i saw a condo ( owned by Louisiana bank) - which was listed for 33k, i then offered 28k. Next day , they countered offer 30k , i have to pay all the closing cost , cuz according to my agent, he asked the realtor of the Louisiana bank, they said that Louisiana have strict , limited closing cost policy. So , i signed the new offer at 30k just today, and just 3 hours ago , i was just surfing the condos listing in that area, guess what.. the condo that i am offering is now listed for 29,999 . So my question is... Shall back out or they have the right to put it low.. as of right now, both side have side the contract for 30k , with 10 days inspection. Is it a bad side? This is my 1st time buying a condo... i can't sleep at all , thank you in advances for any advises.

    Well , i have the agent represent me , but my point is not about 1 dollar , it's just listed for 33 ,, that's why i offered 28 , then 30,, means while its listing price is 29,999... i felt like the whole offering things was a waste.... So if it's 29,999 rite now, then i should offer 27 right?.. cuz the bank said that they pick 30, because it is in between 28 and 33 .. .. that's why i m so Ok with 30.. . now it is listed for 29,999... ??

    I think the most important thing is "is the condo now worth $30K?". You can estimate the value of the house on the internet and when the appraisal report out, you can renegotiate the price again if the appraised value does not meet up the price. You have the 10 days to inspect the house and if anything wrong on the inspection, you can back out the deal. Did you put "subject to appraised value" or "loan contingency" on the contract as well? Make sure all of the things be done within the 10 days window otherwise you're risking to lose your earnest money (deposit) at escrow.

    If you back out, you would have to loose your earnest money. A signed offer is a binding contract and cannot be easily reversed unless both parties agree. We're talking about what, a lousy buck here? In this market, you might have to live though some more losses before property starts to increase in value again. If 1$ has you loosing sleep, maybe you should just rent. Do you have a realtor representing you? You should if you are a new buyer.

    The one with the lower price might have defects not noticible in the one you bought. If you want to back out, you have the 48 hour rule to terminate the deal in the Louisiana court systen

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