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    Can you use overtime pay for a USDA loan? Me and my husband are approved for a USDA home loan not including my husbands overtime pay...but we found a house that is priced 30k over what we're approved for, we got the pre approval 8 months ago, my husband now makes $1.55 more an hour (I know its not much) and he makes a lot in overtime (his income is doubled with just his overtime pay) On the USDA.gov website it did say the average overtime pay for the last year may be used, but my lender says it cant (first federal). Is there another lender that will allow this? Thanks in advance!!

    Lenders are looking for the likelihood of overtime continuing. The usual standard is averaging it over two years, but they may consider a shorter period if a convincing case can be made. It does not happen often. If you were approved prior to the $1.55 raise you should be good for about $23K more even without the overtime. They approve debt to income up to 41% and your raise translates to a monthly pay increase of $268. If your other debt has not changed, that means they will approve a monthly house payment $110 higher than they did before your raise. At current USDA rates every $1000 you borrow will increase your payment by about $4.75, so $23K additional would give you roughly the same debt ratio at which you were approved before. Most lenders won't count overtime with less than a two year history of receiving it, but if your seller will come down about $7K you should be approved on base income alone.

    A USDA assured own loan is government insured a hundred% purchase own loan. those Loans are in basic terms presented in rural section's and serviced by using direct creditors that meet federal instruction manual's. Federal policies are very strict, so which you will want a 620 middle score. Paying off your cash owed is a robust thank you to boost your credit, additionally you like present day open money owed, which you're making consistent on time money to proceed construction your score.

    Sorry see a foreclosure waiting to happen. suggest u get real, 30K over approval is a large amount of un secured overtime. sounds like 2 pay check from being late on payments which is easy ride to foreclosure. be smart buy. what u can now afford not what u wish for. this is one factor in the housing melt down. good knowledge is good luck. if u insist go get other banks to bid on your loan.

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