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    I recently moved to Greensboro, Lowa after previously living in Cleveland, Ohio. I came to Greensboro hoping to attend UNCG with my twin brother. In Ohio i spent one semester at one four year schoo, then two semesters in another school, and one semester at a community college. My problem is I cannot apply to UNCG at the moment because the first institution i attended is holding my transcript due to lack of payment. They already relseased my trancsripts to one school and cleared a payment my father made. They said they had no record of that, so they need to see a record of a check or reciept. Unfortunatly, my dad no longer banks with the one he wrote the check with so finding this record is a nightmare right now and until it is found I cannot complete an application to enroll full time at UNCG. I am told the bank will have it in time for me to apply for the spring semester so my real question is: in order to avoid repayment of student loans and lack of progress toward my degree what should i do and where(if) should I enroll? I apologize for the long story but I would appreciate some insight. No hindsight needed and no smart comments please i dont have time for them. Thanks for any good ideas in advance.

    I dont think an online loan is the answer as I gurantee its going to be impossible for me to pay the high interest. Any loan you can obtain online in 24 hours has to have high interest. I am currently dealing with the bank but the deadline to apply for the UNCG was today, so the bank will be a nightmare that will get worked out. my question is for the mean time, what would be the wise thing to do as far as the fall semester?

    1) It may be a nightmare, but go to the bank and find that record. If you think the bank is bad, then the school will seem like hell. 2) You might still be able to log into the school's registration program (blackboard or whatever the school uses). Your payments will be listed in there.

Best way to pay Federal tax without having all money by April 15th?

  • Myrl Spinka
    Myrl Spinka
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  • Allen Wuckert
    Allen Wuckert
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    Alek Abbott
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    Beaulah Lang
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