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    Okay I got a payday loan through Advanced Financial and I payed it back on time..I had renewed it twice and always paid it back..Well I went to renew it for a third time and she ''Manager" so called manager lol said I was not eligible for the $306 signature loan on top of the pay advance..I took the offer..Well she told me to have a seat and she will have corporate office call to verify my info...She gave me my $10 change back for the pay advance I paid back because Loan was $230 I gave her $240..Well she called me back up there and stated it was approved..I got the $306 but never got the $200..Well i walked out and had to rush back to work I was already a hour over my lunch...I went FIRST THING the next day and told her what happened...She called me a liar..I said well there two cameras here lets see the cameras.. She then called some guy on the phone and then she dismissed me from the store...I contacted the 1-800 customer service number and some guy named ''Mike'' was supposed to have the cameras pulled and have the store locations GM call me..Never heard a thing afterwards..I got a letter today saying I will be reported to a bad check writing system and Sent to collections..Help I am in Lowa by the way...

    You are wasting your time trying to get them to fix this. I'd simply pay the money and then sue them in court for the money (you could even pay like $10 and then sue them for that, but they may ruin your credit before the court date). You could of course just ignore them but they will hurt your credit so badly this is a rough decision to make.

    As far as consumer protection goes on payday lending, tennessee is second to worst. Missouri is the worst. You basically have no regulation from the state on payday loans, and no government agency to complain to if something is wrong. When politicians talk about creating a "business friendly" environment- this is what you get. Business friendly is the antonym of consumer friendly. You are going to have to hire an attorney and fight it out if what you say is true. Payday lenders will not believe you when you call them. That's just the way it is. In this line of work they are use to being lied to by their customers. The customers have horrible credit and are terrible at paying bills on time so they make up all kinds of stupid stuff. You are going to have to produce real evidence. A phone call isn't going to cut it.

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