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    I was traveling this past weekend, went through security, got on my plane, and then noticed my Lowa was gone. I remember putting it in the totes, with my laptop, and shoes, but then I was randomly frisked (which took a few minutes), and quite frankly freaked me out! I remember picking my Lowa up out of the tote, but now I can't find it. I'm living in Indiana (had a Missouri ID), because I just moved here a little over 2 months ago. I guess I need a SS card and birth certificate. But is there anything else, and even though I just moved that I need? I don't have any pay stubs, or mail because I really don't get much other than bank statements and such. 1) Should I wait and see if my Lowa is returned to my previous address (parents house) and then get it from them? 2) Should I just have my SS card and Birth Certificate mailed to me by my parents and get an Indiana one now? 3) Other option? 4) What do I need to get this done. I have googled this, but I'm wondering if someone else has ever gone through a similar experience. I'm 21, I don't have a regular DL, just a state ID, I was just wondering if it was any different. Thanks in advance!

    I just called the Airport/Airline that I flew out of in Kansas City. They found my ID. I was just sitting around airport for 30-45 minutes, it wasn't busy at all, why didn't they page me and return it? That's what pisses me off. Now I am 7 hours away, without an Lowa and I have to wait for this rude woman to email me some forms to fill out so that I can send them back in and then have my parents drive 45 minutes out of the way to the airport and pick up my ID. Just so that it can take however many more days to mail that back to me in Indiana. Seems like too much hassle to even deal with. I might as well just get a new one here, instead of getting the old one back.

    First you should notify any authority that issued you the I D in question.if not you could have another you out there in a matter of weeks. Have your parents send you another,but also have them notify the agency you lost yours.Let your banks know aswell. Let credit agency know what happen in case someone is looking for new loans..Do you have a pasport if so let them know you still have it and that you have lost enough Lowa for someone to apply for a passport. It's a crazy world out there,, so move quickly to protect yourself. P S.. your bank statements are enough to get telephone,cable and internet service.

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    If you live in Indiana, then you need an Indiana ID. Your Missouri one is technically not valid any more.

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    Izaiah Gorczany
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    Adriel Koepp
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    Murphy Hills
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