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    Okay im 18 years old.. Later this month will be my 1 year with my licence.. i dont have a credit card yet so i dont think i have any credit line.. I wanted to look into buying a 03-04 honda i wanna spend about 12,000.. my question is how do i go about doing that, i know i might need a co signer but what if i cant get one.. is my payment going to have a way higher interest rate.. is it stupid to try to do it without a co signer? I need all the information i can get because im tired of my hoopty lol.. Will they let me trade my car in for a downpayment.. its worth at least 500.. SOMEONE HELP Lowa PLEASE!! oh i also make 11dollars an hour with a full time job.. i make about 1400 a month after taxes and i dont have any bills except for my current insurance.. if i show them i can make the payments does that look better for me? Thanks in advance.. ;]

    The easiest way to get a car is to buy a new car instead of a used one. If you are a first time buyer that is. What you do is sell your car to a person take the money plus proof of income to a new dealer tell them you want to do a pre paid lease. Meaning you pay the notes or at least 12 months worth up front. Some banks although will not make auto loans to people under 21 without a co-signer. If you find a dealer to work with you they can sign with you to a bank guaranteeing recourse or that they will buy the contract back if you fail to pay. So if you are paying a size able amount down and they are willing to work with you they will try to switch you to a used or lesser priced car. This shows the banks you are willing to compromise that you just want good basic transportation. The thought process is start high and work down with the banks because it is harder to start small and work up on the car price.

    How long you've had your license has no bearing on whether you'll qualify for a loan - you will have to find a bank that is willing to take a chance on you. I know that sounds bad, but banks see people as risk assessments (i.e. low to high). I suggest that you get pre-qualified BEFORE you go car shopping, that way you know where you stand and how much you could afford. Most car dealerships will take your trade in, however the amount they give you will vary. You can actually call them and they'll give you an estimate. Look into credit unions for your loan, they have good rates and will usually give a first time buyer a chance. You will have to prove your employment and pay rate with pay stubs and they often let you explain what debt you have , the less your debt, the better you look. Buying a car at 18 with no credit and no co-signer will result with a higher interest than someone with established credit but lower interest than someone with bad credit. Refinance in two years using the good credit you earn by paying the car payments on time and your interest will drop significantly. Go on bankrate.com and see where you stand in terms of how much car you can afford and interest rates in your area. It's a great site with lots of info. I wish you the best of luck car shopping!

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  • Genesis Ortiz
    Genesis Ortiz
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  • Selmer Cummings
    Selmer Cummings
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    Enoch Jones
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    Nelda Wisozk
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