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    Same here, my mortgage company offers a rate adjustment, basically you pay them some money and they lower your rate, with in a few months the money is paid back with the money you are now saving and you have a lower payment. Otherwise ask if you qualify for the Obama stimulus money.

    BEWARE was a public announcement on loan modifications. If you choose to try a company offering loan modifications, then check them out under Lowa Dept of Real Estate wesite if in Ca. Or go under your state website. There are companies out there charging high dollars to modify your loan and non-refundable in some cases. The only ones that can charge a fee are Attorney's. Also most cases end up getting loans modified into another ARM loan just to save you money now. You would be better off working with your own bank to modify the loan as they are now starting this process. They would need to see the proof of hardship just like the loan mod companies would. The banks I have had experience with state that you have to be late on payments before they would consider a modification at all. Then of course if your hardship is bad enough then they might tell you that no matter if they do a loan mod, you still would not be able to afford the payment. Seeing a specialist in Loan Modification's through an attorney would be your best bet, or try to proceed on your own. There are different dept's within your mortgage company, so therefore make sure you ask for the workout, or loan modification dept. Just don't talk with the first person answering the phone. Investigate before moving forward. If this fails and you are not able to do anything about the loan and you no longer can hold on with the payments you have, the only option would be to Short Sale the home, or the bank will foreclose. Foreclosure will hurt your credit a bit worse than a short sale. Best luck to you.

    There are several companies out there that are very good at modifying home loans i had one done about 4 months ago. we contacted several people some where frankly full of it or obviously a total rip off. I contacted a friend who told me to see his contact at Directlendingplanet.com . They have a great modification branch and They have a money back guarantee! they got it done ! they did a great job for us. we contacted them the next day we had an approval to proceed a day after. we sent the paperwork they requested paid a nominal fee and they got it done. I was very pleased with these guys they saved big time and saved our home and got us a lower payment and avoided the second adjustment! I dont mean to sound like an ad but they got it done with some quickness that saved us

    If the note is FHA or Lowa it can be streamlined with out an appraisal so you can get the lowest rate and that may help

    I know the online mortgage lenders who provide refinancing & loan modification services.........you can try this source Good Luck.......!

How can I increase my credit score in 1 to 2 days?

  • Nathan Roob
    Nathan Roob
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  • Price Reichel
    Price Reichel
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    Justus Sauer
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