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    I have had UC for almost 3 years, it came on very suddenly and it has changed my entire life style. I would like to hear from anyone who has this or Colitis, or Chron's. I need help and understanding and what treatments other's have tried or suggest. I'm at my wits end, and I want to return to my active lifestyle, but am exhausted, and if I eat, it just makes it worse. I've been to the Specialist, and he just gets me more pills, cortizone stuff which makes me feel even worse!! I am getting yeast now too from all this medication. Any alternative treatments? I am not happy with the doctors I've seen, and I've had every test you can imagine, and they want to do another colonoscopy-- which will make me very sick for 2 months!! HELP!! Please answer if you have knowledge and can offer hope and help. thank you in advance. my im for yahoo is Mystic_Gift if we can chat, I will give you my email! thanks, Lilly

    Anyone with any information about colitis, or if you have already answered my questions, can you please edit and add more info. what foods can you eat? what foods do you avoid. what is the best remedy you have found. how do you live with colitis?? Help me with some websites. thanks, please list websites for me to search., thank you for all your help. I don't know how to pick best answer you all have been so helpful!! blessings!

    2 1/2 hours on this answer cause you were my angel with your wonderful answer which I will pick best when I was so upset yesterday. You sounded a professional counselor or a suicide prevention worker. It helped very much..bless you for you're kindness. I was going to email you but you don't have and so I looked at your questions. I will do my best by you as I can. I went upstairs and got one book unfortunately loaned one out. I have studied alternative health for 29 years and herbs and nutrition.. 1, get this book or if you absolutely can not if I have time I will get. I did get a scanner today but it is not installing right and I don't know if scanned pages can be sent..maybe they can via email but I may have to wait till my son fixes as I don't know how to fix. 2. Also I have a video tape series 12 hours. My sister in law has crohn's which is very similar and I see her suffering but she does not listen to me. 3. I rememeber him talking on the tape about this woman with crohn's or colitis..she had suffered burning diarrhea for many years and he said he "inverted her and put (this is serious) olive oil and aloe vera gel in her rectum via enemas and she signed and said ahhh and she smiled and said it was the first time in x number of years that she smiled as she was burned and the aloe put out (and soothed the fire). I think he also put her on the incurables program but he did repeated enemas and I think she held as long as she could (he had an underground clinic 20 years and mostly treated dying or very ill people many incurables and I know people with cancer who have been healed and I have first hand positive results myself and I do not think he is a quack. He was trained by the naturopathic Bernard Jensen who wrote Many books and lied to be about 100 and the famous Dr John R Christopher (the originator of incurables program that Dr, Schulze turned up the intensity on having the belief he would push all the limits to put natural healing to the test. these 12 hour tapes have incredible testimonies and he has a book called there are no incurable illnesses 4. and a good tape video is create your healing miracle. the save your life videos with Sam biser (and schultz often on ebay or amazon originally $400..fabulous worth every penny. currently on sale so you can see what they look like if interested. 5. Here is how to do the incurables program (not as good as videos explaining)..but still all steps are here for free or if getting the book $12. I also think book above has the program or go here his formulas etc at herbdoc.com or see link below the only exception is if you have colitis do not take intestinal cleanse one as is usually recommended as one usually goes to the bathroom too much and does not need it..go right to intestinal cleanse number 2.and sdo not take intestinal cleanse one with it. His best most potent formulas on the market see his website (home page for why..(see why my herbs are the absolute best) 6. try for colitis (superfood and intestinal cleanse # 2.).if that does not work alone, do the one for chrohn's which includes the incurables program. Also do the olive oil/aloe vera enamas or implants rectally. 9.Also go here and read all nine pages and any pages accessed as below. (go here and type colitis in right hand side google search and also in curezone forums in middle of page..review all posts..this is one of the best websites I know. 10. Finally in book food your miracle medicine a study showed page 433 and 434 it was an inflammatory disease crohn's..I may be wrong but I think they are similar it is inflammatory and turmeric is an excellent anti inflammatory. 11. doctor found those that did successful diet have relapse less than 10% a year. more successful than meds according to Dr. hunter. foods most likely to induce crohn's (sorry more on that than colitis) symptoms are wheat, dairy products, calciferous veggies (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, radishes turnips, ), corn, yeast, tomatoes citrus fruit and eggs. So eliminate all these. Eating yeast proved bad (also avoid above foods)..adding a little yeast for a month stirred up more disease activity and flare ups. with low yeast diet, they improved dramatically in disease activity. Worst flareups those with antibodies to yeast indicating immune or allergic response. Yeast is most noticeable in BREAD..abnormal immune response to certain foods fosters inflammation. Also eat the antiinflammatory fatty fish (mackerel, salmon, herring, and sardines (not tuna much these have 7 or 8 times more,. Avoid pro inflammatory animal fats and omega 6 oils (like soyben, safflower, sunflowers, etc) This helps mute inflammation. High sugar intake also linked to crohn's 12. For your yeast infection, take a garlic clove and peel it.. Use a big one and thread a thread through it and knot as double string hanging down. Insert in vaginal. (I did this all the time and it never burned me)..leave it hours, if it isn't helping bruise it next time (crush slightly)..if that isn't enough, to increase intensity and healing, then cut two diagonal slits in garlic clove. It will not get lost --remove like tampon. Also use yogurt, acidophilus milk, or bottled probiotics to replenish sufficient healthy bacteria but it will not be bad with garlic like chemical antibiotics which kill anything even good bacteria and which only kills 99% an that 1 % becomes a super-virus hard to kill with traditional antibiotics while garlic kills selectively (just the bad germs/viruses, not the healthy ones that are needed in the gut and vagina..that is why one get dirrahrea and yeast infections. since it kills the beneficial bacteria, one needs to replenish with lots of yogurt, acidophilus milk, and/or probiotics). Garlic and herbs which goes to root of cause, not just the symptoms which are sometimes labeled and called a disease. This is supposed to cure a yeast infection..I don't know..it did for me..yes, it did work and is safe. . If afraid (it always worked , I had no burning personally but I can't guarantee results for everyone. 13, Take anti-inflammatory foods like apple, black currant, fish oil (mega three fatty ansers)garlic, ginger, onion, pineapple, sage Food chemicals with anti inflammatory activity - capsicum (hot chili peppers), fatty fish (mackerel, herring, salmon, sardines) and quarcetin (onion) so eat a lot of these. 14 some foods contain chemicals that drain water out of the gut, solidify feces, and restrict intestinal tract constriction that push contents along Such astringents include dried blueberries only dried fresh do not also cinnamon, fenugreek seeds, garlic, ginger, licorice (herb), nutmeg, rice, tea, and turmeric. ` page 104-112 (pages on colitis, chrohns, and ibs. the juice lady's guide to juicing for health by Cherie calbom (probably these books on ebay/amazon) is where this info came from 15 eliminate yeast, bacterial and parasitic infections these contribute to colitis and crohn's,,bacterial LIKE SALMONELLA a.Be tested fir disease causing organism. b. If you have candidiasis see that page and parasites and infections (look online for herbs formulas that kill these 9MAYBE USE SOLOMON'S WICKEYS ANTI Candiditis diet and herb formula (look in open book site after you Google solomon wickey. Look up herbals cures for parasdites (black walnut tincture, pumkin seeds etc) This is a lifestyle change. 16. Under diet recommends a high fiber low fat, low sugar diet..include high fiber foods like vegetables, fruit, whole grains except wheat, oat bran, guar gum, and psyllium avoid wheat eliminate fat, Avoid animal proteins as much as possible except for fish. Avoid sugar in all forms like cakes, pie, ice cream, etc Also aoid butter, margarine dairy products, fried foods, spicy foods, wheat products, all junk food like chips, candy, pop, and coffee..these encourage the secretion of intestinal mucus and prevent uptake of nutrients. for more info page 313 (i am sorry cant type that too as I am falling sleep no sleep in 48 hours.. 17. Also drink plenty of fresh juice (from juicer) and water (reverse osmosis (u fill it at grocery store) and steam distilled tons of reasons why (sorry many pages can't type all might have to get book at library/ebay but I hit all high points just miss why you do it but did list how to do it) especially carotene rich like carrot, kale, parsley, and spinach (I know yuk) this heals intestinal mucosa and give many nutrients 18 at least one guart water..also herb tea can meet the water requirement. avoid caffeine and alcohol..if weak digestion use room temp drinks 19 if chrohns avoid all soft drinks as there is a connection. identify food allergies (often wheat, corn, dairy and stabilzer in processed foods, if no wheat use ruce and oat bran cereals. Can detect allergies via a elimination diet routine goihng after most common allergies first.. 20. Do colon cleansing (intestinal cleanse 2 herbdoc.com) and juice fasting (fresh juiced/squeezed fruits and veggies (not canned and frozen and bottled except occasssionally) , herb teas and potassium broth see patient handbook above. 21. In additon to juices listed (carrot etc) focus on theze nutrients and also use chard, beet greens. watercress, mangoes, canteloupes, apricots, broccoli, and romaine lettuce. for beta carotene and chorophyle and also all dark green veggis for chlorophylle. also glutamine --(most fruit/veggis juices) omega three fatty acids-- (fish oil, faty fish as above, flaxseed and hemp oils vitamin c-- (in order of effectiveness as above veggies were kale, parsley, broccoli, brussels sprouts, watercress, califlower, cabbage, strawberry, papaya, spinach, citris, turnips, mangoes, asparagus, and cantelopes. 22. herb for ulcerative colitis iare irish moss, slippery elm, and marshmellow root traditionally soothing. Avoid irish moss if allergic to caraggenan. 23. Juices (chrohns)-- cabbage/daikon radish/ tomato (fresh)/parsley (homemade v 8 would be good, use veggies on label several are listed in these sugestion. Take the eight veggies (fresh) and juice them in a juicer like the juiceman or champion. pear and carrot combo 23. drinks from juicing book--here are some juice combos listed for colitis for colitis popeyes power drink 1/2 organic apple any kind/i small handful of wased organix spinach. one small handful of parsley/ 4 ceaned carrots i stralk organic celery with leaves, 1/2 beet with leaves juice them together triple c 1/4 head cabbage/4 carrots/4 celery with leaves..juice them tropial treat 2 firm kiwi washed/i small organic apple/ one inch fresh pinapple/i one inch piece fresh ginger. juice threm feel good 1/2 pear/34 carrots/3 fennel stalks with leaves and flwoers/ one stalk organic celery sweet dreams 2 tromaine lettuce leaves/one handful parsley/4 carrots/3 celery with leaves juice it wheatgrass light 1 apple/one handful of wheatgrass/2-3 miont sprigs/1/4 lemon use a wheatgrass juicer as it will break blender. Well, i DID THIS 2 1/2 HOUR ANSWER FOR YOU FOR BEING KIND TO ME..DO Lowa MUCH Lowa POSSIBLE RESEARCH DESIGN A PROGRAM Lowa JUST DO INCURABLES (NO INTESTINAL OE JUST 2) AND ENEMAS OF ALOE AND OLIVE OIL AND ADD THE JUICES AND SOME OF THE STUFF..ALSO RESEARCH AT CUREZONE ABOVE, for suggestions from others and from sufferers. Also, Lilly, use the discover feature on yahoo answer to search for more cures on colitis/chrohn's.


    I had Ulcerated Colitis and I know exactly how you feel. It sucks. I had never been in so much misery. I hope the best for you. I used bee royal jelly it was the only thing that worked for me. It is also a complete food so you will have the nutrition your body needs and won't be starving it. There is a company out there that has the purest and freshest (fresh bee royal jelly is the only way to go). It is www.beeroyalproducts.com. It's not cheap but it will work. Just be careful not to get some of the cheaper stuff I have found they "water" it down. Like they say you get what you pay for. I feel your misery and wish you all the best. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon. Edited on 2/13/2007: As for foods stay away from foods that may cause irritation of the colon. Anything with a "shell" like corn. Eat very little meat for awhile. STAY away from carbonated drinks and "sweets". One thing I did (besides the bee royal jelly) was to go on a diet for two weeks. I ate boiled potatoes (NO skin and NO butter) with a pinch of salt and steamed broccoli. After I started to feel better then I would eat (for dinner) the potatoes and broccoli with BAKED skinless chicken breast. Then slowly add more things to your diet and your body will let you know what foods to completely avoid. More info: 2/13/07: I just thought of something else! Under no circumstance should you take aspirin or anything containing aspirin!!!! The aspirin products will iritate and "eat holes" in the colon!!!!!!!!!!!! Also be careful of some presciption drugs they can also affect the colon. Like anti-depressants. Take the royal jelly and add yogurt to reintroduce beneficial bacterium back into your body.

    UC does change your entire life. Your best bet right now is to do tons of research. There are many medications your doctor should be trying to see what works for you. Methotrexate (an injection), Rowasa (an enema medication), Imuran, Remicade (an infusion), among others. Asacol or Colazol is a daily pill that I am taking. I am on Prednisone and trying to get weaned of with a Remicade infusion. Remicade sounds most promising to me. Look into it. It is very tough to be active, but arming yourself with the knowledge about the disease will help. What foods to eat (low-fiber, low-residue), avoid, etc. is a start. Folic acid, fish oil and vitamin B have been recommended. It is important to find the right doctor who won't just throw you on steroids. If you do not like your doctor, find another. I went through four doctors before I found one that was great. Ask about the medications above. They may be options for you that sshould help control your symptoms. Good luck to you.

    Like you my onset of Colitus was without warning. I too endured countless visits to the doctors, multiple colonoscopies, medications and testing. Own my own I began a journal tracking the foods I consumed and compared to the severity of my attacks. Although I am not completely healed I have been able to monitor and in some cases eliminated certain foods which gave me the worst reactions. In my experience the worst culprits have been raw vegetables, foods high in fiber, fried foods and beef. I also detox periodically which has been a great help as well. Since I was informed I would have to live with Chrons I decided to be proactive with controlling it.

    Definitely try exercise first. Then get sunlight during the day. It helps to reset your internal clock and helps your body produce proper amounts of seratonin and melatonin. Then, before bed, use aromatherapy (lavender or peppermint oil) to wind down and destress. Sip on a cup of chamomile or peppermint tea. Both are very soothing. Then as your lying in bed, do deep breathing exercises. Inhale slowly for a count of 4 and exhale slowly to a count of 8. Try to clear your mind as you're doing this and relax all your muscles. It'll help you to get good quality sleep. Sweet dreams!

    I work in a health food store.Years ago, we sold a book on alternative health for chrons disease called "heal thy self" by an Aurthur called Jordon Ruben ( not sure if I spelled his name right).It talks about the disease and many healthy herbs and supplements that can be taken.Maybe you can find the book on line or at the library?

    After exhausting everything else without success, a friend turned to acupuncture and found relief. The problem isn't all gone but she is much better and has her life back.

    Pray for Gods mercy and he will see you through. any respond my email is www.ebube_life@yahoo.com

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