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    is a "Foreclosure Free Zone" if it is not a home for which the mortgage has been paid? Who do they think floated them the loan? THEIR OWN NEIGHBORS who have savings in that lending bank (savings and loan...get it?). This will ruin banks and communities. And we just gave them $4,100,000.000.00 to assist citizens in holing up and holding out in their foreclosed properties and resist arrest with them. Will there be shoot outs? Sounds to me like Ruby Ridge to an exponential degree in every state...more in neighborhoods with unemployment. For that matter, why not sneak into any empty home you like (lots are on the market now) and just hole up in there? Call the "Home Defenders" when the cops come. You don't own that house any more than the one you foreclosed on.

    Feb 12 headline: ACORN Funding Stuffed Back In Stimulus Bill By Dem Leaders---ACORN funding is back in. $2B of it now listed as "neighborhood stabilization projects" ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, brought busloads of members. Alicia Russell, president of Arizona ACORN, said, “Obama’s package has funds to help stop the foreclosures but the Republicans are trying to take that out.” she mean evictions?

    There are close ties between ACORN and Obama. He has funneled funds to them in the past and will continue to do everything in his power to prop them up in an effort to advance the left wing socialist agenda. I found this... After seven years of hiding corruption, ACORN has admitted Dale Rathke, brother of founder, Wade Rathke had embezzled nearly $1 million from the company. The embezzlement was only known to a few and was hidden from the remainder of the ACORN board. Unfortunately the wide scale corruption doesn’t even start with the embezzlement. The embezzlement is part of a much longer line of illegal activity. ACORN is connected to money laundering, misuse of taxpayer funds, voter fraud especially in the Presidential Primaries, Wage and Hour Issues among their employees, and even safety issues in their offices. They are interfering in gubernatorial races especially in the State of Indiana. Their interference in the political arena knows no bounds. ACORN is the umbrella company to at least 75 non-profits all operating out of 1024 Elysian Fields Avenue, New Orleans, Lowa as verified by the Secretary of State in Louisiana. It is time to examine their fraud and expose it for what it is. So here is their dirty laundry list to date. Money Laundering The money laundering that was identified by the Consumer Rights League was released in a report in June 2008. The money laundering happened in 1996 and involved the Teamster’s Union, causing the president’s election to be thrown out by federal authorities. ACORN’s Project Vote, which is tied to voter fraud, received $175,000 to perform a “non-partisanship” get-out-the-vote activity. Project Vote was to target votes that benefited the Clinton Campaign, congressional and senatorial races with emphasis on the votes for congress people and senators. The rest can be read here.

    LOL, you have you anger directed in the wrong direction. You're blaming the victims of the mortgage loan scandals. The people who have ruined the banks and communities are the preditory lenders who are employed by the banks with the original loans to the home owners. It's the banks that created this mess with preditory lending practices and you want to blame families and make them homeless as a result. It's actually better to keep the families in these homes at least renting them if they can't afford the mortgages. Then the homes don't deteriorate and make the entire neighborhood deteriorate. That way the homes that people do still own in that neighborhood don't see their home values go down at such a fast rate that we are seeing now. BTW, it is unlawful for a bank to foreclose and kick a family out of their home if the bank can't produce the original deed and loan papers. Most of those documents can't be found by the banks because they have been bundled and packaged up with other mortgages and sold many times over to many other banking institutions under the title of 'swaps'. Quite blaming the victim. The Banks who are stealing your tax dollars are the preditors in this, not the people who are losing their jobs, their homes and their american dream. Most of these people could afford their homes until they either lost their jobs or found their houses so devalued and therefore 'underwater' from their original purchasing price that they lost the ability to pay for the place. Acorn isn't the enemy. My god, wake up people. Acorn is trying to protect the American family and communities. You're being duped by the greedy right wing corporate interests again.

    Where did you hear that from,I think you taking so many things and adding to what being said in the news,some people jump the gun very quickly when watching the news,we need to understand what bills Obama sign. because he be reviewing old bills that never was signed, These are old bills that was supposed to have been signed but,they was throwed to the side.So Obama,just picking up the pieces and fixing and rearranging the bills so the can be helpful to us.

    Now it is clear that Mr. Obama was neither a Constitutional Law Expert Lowa a Contract Law Expert.

    When entire communities are in foreclosure... it's already ruined... how exactly do you think they get more than a couple of people to do this? it's real bad in some areas... and if a lot of people are hit... odds are, some aren't just going to sit there and take it... "And we just gave them $4,100,000.000.00"? er... odds are, that's going to be a HUGE lie... about 99.9 percent odds... if you even have a clue what I'm talking about? EDIT: why do Republicans think that they can just do whatever and people will just take it? ever heard of the French Revolution? you can only say "let them eat cake" for so long and keep your majority...

    If you donate alot of money and commit voter fraud you are held in high regards in the "change you been deceived in" regime.

    False. Obama did no such thing. Even your own cited sources don't make that claim. You list two sites that have nothing to do with the Obama administration.

    I was floored when I saw this story. And for Obama to defend it is a GRAVE mistake, given his history with them. He may have been granted a pass by the media and his voters in his past and ongoing relationship with this group, but too many people (doesn't matter what party) have had enough of this sham. This group is under investigation, and they STILL received funds, for Obama to openly defend them is political suicide. They were funded in the stimulus. Now, they are encouraging people to stay in their homes and get hauled off to jail. Bernice (the CEO mouthpiece) actually had the nerve to call these lenders predatory. I spit my coffee out on that one. You have GOT to be kidding me.

    Hey Tori Lynn, it's on ACORN's own web site! So how the heck has it been 'debunked'???

    I know it's not the point you were trying to make, but don't think many realize just how prophetic your last paragraph may be.

Is this job offer a scam?

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    King Kilback
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    Mariah Kris
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    Karen Moen
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    Jacynthe Koch
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    Jalen Murazik
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    Mertie Boyer
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    Katlynn Koelpin
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    August Kirlin
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