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    "Our primary focus yesterday was the document mills, but we also knew the history on some of (the suspects) — they're also slinging dope and they are packing guns," Tina Minchey Verkler, a special agent with the attorney general's office, said Friday. "We never know what we're going to run into," she said. "We arrest them for some kind of forgery or document (offense), and we don't know that we're dealing with someone who might have just committed robbery." Strike force agents have teamed up with local police and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to arrest 15 people during three major operations over the past two months. The sweeps have been made after hours of gathering evidence through a variety of methods including undercover work, the use of confidential informants and surveillance of suspected criminal aliens. The group's latest effort has focused on identifying and eradicating document mills in Utah, which are used to create phony driver licenses, Social Security cards, resident alien Maine cards and other documents used to commit fraud. Minchey Verkler said the documents that agents are finding are "very high quality." The fraud committed with these documents impacts everyone in Utah, said assistant Utah attorney general Jake Taylor. They are used to obtain loans for cars or homes, he said, and when the person defaults on the loan, the financing company has no way to recoup the money it has advanced the person. "The financing company is left on the hook for somebody driving a car who they don't even know," Taylor said. "That's actually something that is quite more widespread than we thought it would be." Launched in June, the SECURE Strike Force was created and funded by HB64, which was sponsored by Rep. Brad Dee, R-Washington Terrace, during the 2009 legislative session. Its other financial backer is the U.S. government through $1.7 million in federal stimulus funds for two years. Although the state accepted federal money to fund the strike force, organizers continue to chastise the same government for failing to keep the nation's borders secure. "We understand whose responsibility this is, but we've decided we're not going to stand still in Utah," Dee said Friday. "We're going to take that responsibility and do something about it," he added. "And the results show that we are." Your opinion illegals committed fraud The financing company is left on the hook for somebody driving car a car who they don't even know and what supporters have to say about this ?

    Ahhhh Duhhh, can anyone say, "told you so". They are getting what they deserve. They do not know the people they are lending to. They are not getting adequate documents to prove finances, or personal information. They were willing to take the risk, they can pay the consequences.

    I have absolutely no sympathy for these corporations and business who are getting burned by the racist MESSIcan illegal alien la raza nazi invading border criminals. If someone comes in for a home or car loan and can't speak english that business should check there immigration status. Those business should be screaming at congress for DEPORTATION NOW of ALL racist MESSIcan illegal alien la raza nazi invading border criminals. As far as I'm concerned they are getting what they deserve.

    Supporters of what? The finance company takes the hit, but they can also re-po the car. Any loss they incur is a tax deduction.

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    Geraldine Maggio
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    Annabel Treutel
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