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Payday Loan in Maine

    I am 27 years of age i live in Maine the reason for this email is because i need some advice or help I've was involved in a auto accident heading to work on I-295 i was the front seat passenger in a mini-van when i was struck from behind by a commercial truck from a company named secure triaxle i've sustained various injuries because of this accident following the accident i've hired an attorney Joseph M Marrone whom has offices in Camden Maine and Locust Street in Pa where he sent me to a Chiropractor in which i've was treated for for my various injuries such as back pain ,thighs and others 4 times a week over the course of 10 monthes i've also recieved pain management from a D.O at the same building as the Chiropractor the name of the D.O was Dr. Zeid and the Chiropractor Dr. Benn located at 1014 broadway in Camden Maine during the course of the 10 monthes i was unable to work but before the accident i was employed at Occupational Training center in westhampton Maine so during the course of the 10 monthes in which i was unable to return to work because my job as a laborer requires me to stand for 7 hours a day and now that i have back pain i can no longer preform my job therefore leading to me having to borrow a cash advance through my attorney's Firm the name of the Cash advance company he reffered me too was Us Claims i've took out a cash advance of 5,000 thousand dollars over the course of 2 and a half years the interest has compounded to as of November 9th 2008 the Cash Advance loan stands at almost 12 thousand dollars so i had a arbitration hearing July 29th 2008 in which the arbitration awarded the case value at 20 thousand dollars it was appealed by secure triaxle the company i was suing for my lost wages , pain and suffering and others then Secure triaxle made a offer of 10,500 i was told by my attorney that works on my case Michael Pomerantz that if i was to have settle for thet amount i've would not had seen a dime because of the cash advance loan from US Claims that i've borrowed through my attorney so recently my trial date was Monday December 15th 2008 imy attorney Michael Pomerantz has told me this case will be trial by a Jury and no matter what the decision is that there is no way i can file an appeal therefore the judge advise my attorney and Secure triaxle to come to a settlement of 15 thousand dollars in which did not happened secure triaxle stood firm at 10,500 so Tuesday we've started to pick the Jury they're needed to be 8 Juror's for this trial in which the case did started with 8 but because of a family emergency 1 of the juror's had to leave and was unable to continue her duties as a Juror therefore we've proceeded with 7 after my Testimony was my Dr Testimoney the D.O i've seen during the course of 10 monthes Dr. Zeid his Testimoney was very bad and then the driver of the truck Clifford Grey Testimoney was next he basically told how he did not hit his brakes or blew his horn before ramming his truck into the van in which i was seated causing him to be liable for this accident then we've ended the day on Wednseday with my Uncle Testimoney just discussing how he has to help me with many things now that i can not do these things for myself and of course Secure Triaxle Doctor whom they send me too his name is Dr Goldstein he specializes in orthopedic then after that they're was the attorney's closings and then the judge Louis Meloni gave the rules of the Law and something he said was if the Jury do find the driver of the vehicle Clifford Grey Liable then they can go on to question 2 which asks did Mr Clayton sustained a injury from the this accident and both of the them questions were checked by the Jury in 7-0 decision however the last question asks ihow much should be awarded for the plantiff and in a 6-1 vote the Jury wrote 7,500 dollars that is 3,000 dollars less then what Secure Triaxle was offering me i really need some help i believe something went wrong and i need some legal advice quick please help me

    Be thankful you're a live. :/

    It sounds like you were warned not to pursue this to jury and you did, and yo got less, and were told there was no way to appeal? Is this correct? If this is correct, you were judged by a jury of your pears, and they messed you over, and your now in debt. If I have misunderstood this, you took too much time, stating peoples names, which we dont need to hear, and left out a simpler way to understand this. Im sorry for the amt of work you missed and phy therapy you needed you deserved more. Im no lawyer and I do not know how people who never looked hurt get tons of money with what seems like barely any med bills. You may have to simply move on. Did you sue the driver of the car you were in? You have every right, and they pay for insurance for thier passengers, go for it. It is the law your friends insurance has medical coverage for thier passengers. Your driver will not lose their insurance, you may lose a friend, but you need this money, so go after them if its within the proper time limits. Go to a new lawyer though if you feel yours didnt do the right job for you.

    That is the longest sentence I've ever seen. Some punctuation would have made it much easier to understand. You should have taken the settlement. Sounds like you had a crooked lawyer. He sent you to his Doctors and a loan company that he recommended. Not much you can do about it now since it went to jury trial. The jury probably didn't believe your story 100%.

    Wow. You need to speak to your attorney again, but once a case has been settled by trial I don't believe there is anything you can do to appeal the amount awarded by the jury. Going forth with this case instead of taking the settlement was a risk; and you knew going in that there was a chance you might not recoup the entire amount of damages, right?

    That is why most people settle. You can appeal and argue that the evidence doesn't support the verdict, but the jury is not required to believe your evidence and so such an appeal would not succeed. The jury has spoken. The case is over.

    Very long, so i read the first and last two sentences. What i get is that your attorney should have negotiated better for you. These questions should have been asked by you to an attorney.

    Check into filing a civil suit against the driver of the vehicle that hit you. Not sure if that will take you anyplace, but it's worth checking into.

    I didn't read your tripe, but if you have the money just be thankful and spend it now to help the economy.

    U got screwed

    Holy **** watd u rite a ****** novel


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