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    I've had a walmart money card for a little over a year now. I was using walmart money card to get my $1,200 Maine disability pay deposited to my account. I noticed months in advance my card would expire on June 1st 2011, so I had been calling them for almost 2 months prior to make sure that they were going to mail me a new card in time so I wouldn't get stranded in SE Asia without a means of getting to my money. They explicitly guaranteed me that my new card would arrive prior to the 15th of May 2011. Being worried about it I called them a few times and they all said my card would arrive in time. It was going to be mailed to my were I was living back in the US and my friend was going to DHL it to me in Laos. Approx. May 17 I started calling them again since the card had still not arrived, one told me they had mailed already, so I wasn't as worried as I was prior. Around the 22 or 23rd of May when it still hadn't arrived I called them again, this time they told me it wasn't even mailed till the 20th of May and it would be 7-10 days until it arrived, so I figured it would finally be there around the first, keep in mind I'm spending like 20 USD to call these people every time from Laos, getting put on hold and paying about 40-50 cents a minute. The first of June comes and my card still hasn't arrived, I'm running out of money and calling these people again and again isn't helping that situation any. Around the 3rd or 4th of June my card still hasn't arrived and I'm almost flat broke, and my visa for Laos is about to expire. I had to give my passport to a guesthouse there in order to not be completely destitute and homeless in a 3rd world country, but it's ok I say to myself, they said they mailed it, it should be there soon, I've no money left to call them again to find out, I've no family to call to ask to western union me money since I was a foster child. Around the 8th I am starting to get really really desperate I've not even eaten for about 5 days now, the guesthouse people are starting to question me on why I've still not paid yet, my visa is expired, the guesthouse notices I've not eaten in days and starts allowing me to have some roman noodles that I can pay them back later for. On around the 12th my new card has still not arrived, my guest house gets the police in laos to basically come threaten me, I'm pretty much left with no choice but to give my 6 month old $800 laptop to them for the around 120 dollars in room fees and food I owe them (or end up in a SE Asia prison) and they give me a bus ticket to go to the Vientiane where the US Embassy is. My card has still not arrived, I've absolutely no money no more computer, my visa has been expired for a while now. I go to the Embassy, they try to help me call them, but walmart money card customer service isn't open during embassy hours, and the embassy wouldn't let me come in during hours they were opened. They basically told me I had no choice but to put in paperwork for an expatriation load. For an expatriation loan you have to put down family members and friends to call and call them in front of them and basically beg for money. They did not believe I had no family members or anyone who could send me enough money to get out of my situation. I had to explain pretty much every aspect of my life since childhood to these people behind a glass wall, while an entire room of other tourists were in the room, I've never been so embarrassed in my life. They finally believed me when they saw my passport application didn't list any family. They gave me an expatriation loan, voided my passport and gave me a temporary one. It was for a total of 1800 which paid for my $140 visa overstay fine and my plane tickets back to the states. After the few days it took dealing with the embassy and 3 days in airports including a 36 hrs in bangkok airport because of a flight cancellation I get back to the states on the 19th, my card still has not arrived. I had to crash on a friends couch, I called them again they said they mailed it, they said they could send me one with 3 day fedex for a $35 fee, I said so I have to pay $35 to get my card a over a month after you guys guaranteed it to be to me? They put a supervisor on she said she would make sure I had it the very next day (21st of June) with no fee. I received my card the next day, they had been lying about sending my card too, when they send you a new card they put a security block on your account until activated, they also start sending you emails with the new card number on it, which did not happen until I spoke to them the last time. They record all phone calls so all of this should be on their records, would they have to submit those records and date card was mailed during an arbitration? Do I have a decent case against them? The terms of service say I can't sue I can on

    Could they in anyway be held accountable for all the expenses, and basically screwing me over for months and months to come? These are my estimate of damages they caused me: Laptop: $800 Passport to replaced voided one: $130 Laos Visa overstay fine: $140 I also can not get another passport until I pay off the $1800 loan, I was not planning on coming back to the US, I was planning on spending the next 6 months in India. This has been one of the worst experiences I've ever had. I don't know I'm just beyond furious, and I want to try to do something about this, would contacting the media be a good idea? Terms of service say I can't even get a lawyer. I don't see how they can get away with screwing people over so bad.

    Walmart has virtually no liability. They are not even required to give you a card.


My netbook keeps shutting down .?

  • Merlin Satterfield
    Merlin Satterfield
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  • Ryder Stracke
    Ryder Stracke
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