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    I know you're all going to tell my that I'm fine and all that, but I'm really nervous that I won't be able to get into anything but a state school. My current unweighted GPA is a 3.77, and I'm in the first decile (top ten percent) of my class. I rank 60th out of 602. I go to the third best public school in Maine (or something like that). I haven't taken the SATs yet, which I know are a very important factor, but my PSAT equivalent was a 1790. 630 in Reading 550 in Math and 610 in Writing. I know I'm really going to need to up those to get into good colleges, but I was EXTREMELY unprepared for the PSATs. I'd had about two hours of sleep the night before and didn't fully understand that if you leave it blank, it won't count against you.

    I'm also taking the SAT II's in June. Here are all of the classes I have taken in high school(not including gym and some stupid ninth grade FCS classes): Ninth Grade: Honors English, Honors American Cultures I, Honors Algebra II, College Prep General Science, German II College Prep, Microsoft Word and Powerpoint Tenth Grade: Honors English, Honors American Cultures II, Advanced College Prep Geometry, College Prep Biology, German III Honors, Microsoft Excel and Access, Health, Driver's Ed, Cooking Lite and Easy Eleventh Grade: Honors English, Honors World Cultures, College Prep Precalculus, College Prep Chemistry, German IV Honors, Advanced Microsoft Office, AP Statistics, Marketing, Money Management Twelfth Grade(this is next year's schedule): AP Humanities English, Honors Political and Economic Systems, AP American History, College Prep Calculus, Advanced College Prep Physics, AP German V, Behavioral Science, History of American Film

    My extracurricular activities: -I am in the National Honors Society. -I've received an award for scoring above the 85th percentile on a statewide German exam. -I'm the treasurer of the Student Historians Club at school. -I won an award from Millersville University for reciting a German poem during the German Fallfest. -I volunteer regularly to do Living History in Gettysburg. -I did Quizbowl for a year. -By the time I apply, I'll have been working part time at the same place for over a year.

    I'm just afraid that all this stuff is good but not good enough. My dream school is New York University, but I'm feeling worse and worse about it every day. And then there's my financial aid predicament. I have no idea what kind of aid I could get because my situation is so weird: My parents are separated, and I live with my mom, who works three part-time jobs, and my brother, who works a full-time job. Since they are not legally divorced, my dad mails a check of what he can afford to send every month. It usually amounts to about $200-300. That's how things worked for a long time. Then, my mom and dad could not afford the mortgage on our house anymore, so they transfered it to my brother. My brother owns it now, and my mom and I live there. Will this be taken into consideration with financial aid packages from private schools? My brother refuses to pay any of my college tuition, as he's still paying off his loans. How does it all work?

    Your school counselor is an expert in this field. If he can't help you, see if you can take some tours to colleges near you so you can get a feel for what campus life is like and the typical freshman curriculum. I don't know what you have against a state college. I attended two before I transferred to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I got in because of my college grade point average. I took my Master's Degree at Butler University, Indianapolis. These are not big 10 school or ivys, but they both have some superior programs. So do the state universities. You need to look into the college where your major will be in and the instructors and professors who teach in your major. If you can't get into school #1, start at a state university, get your GPA above 3.77 and take on some leadership positions in student groups and volunteer in the community. That should make you into someone who would be welcomed as a transfer student. As for student loans, everything will be taken into consideration. They will want to see your mother's income tax form. Your brother has nothing to do with whether you qualify. I don't know how your dad fits into this. Don't pay anyone to make a scholarship search for you. Work through your high school and the college where you want to go to see what's available. Go after everything, even if is $100 from a local business group. You could start here and see if this is a site with good information. It seems to have all the verifications I would look for. I would investigate every scholarship on earth. Apparently there are some for red-headed males who are left handed, etc. (actually didn't look for any. LOL) This is an example of what they have about scholarships at one s-t-a-t-e u-n-i-v-e-r-s-i-t-y. You can take the SAT more than once. I would count on doing that unless you really ace it. As an aside, keep all your notes as you do this search. You may have to go back to a source that didn't seem so good the first time.

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  • Lorenza Wolff
    Lorenza Wolff
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    Jarod Kreiger
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    Boris Klein
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